Xbox One delivers premium voice quality via hardware improvements and Skype’s audio codec

Major Nelson:Today we want to share some details about the incredible voice chat improvements made to Xbox One and how these changes will enhance your communication with the Xbox One Chat Headset on the console.

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I agree Golding, the Skype feature for the One is going to be very cool, especially snapping a game to the side and having a party chat with friends.

Another "well said" for golding89 and yet he's still on two bubbles.

Exactly how does this bubble system work again? It really is strange.

Finch1873d ago

I always thought the bubble system needs to be more tied into the agree and disagree buttons. If it was I think more people would watch what the say.

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Finally crystal clear codec. The new controller apparently also helps because of its better feedback to the console.

Microsoft says Skype audio codec integration and "dedicated audio processing" will result in "crystal clear" quality on next-gen console.

Great news can't wait.

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At the very least , as seen with anything "disqu" based .. up and down vote on comments should disclose the name of the voters .

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on a side not.. you need xbox live premium

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Finch: That would be terrible idea. People should be able say what they think, not what majority want to hear.

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that difference is pretty sweet.

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Very good, excellent MS

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wow that is an awesome improvement.

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