Spelunky on Vita - Perfect Portable Peril

TSA: "Spelunky is not a new game. It was made available for PC in a more simple incarnation as early as 2008. It came out on XBLA several weeks ago. Those versions of the game, from its free origins through to more polished Steam, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, are all well worth playing. But on the PlayStation Vita, Spelunky has found its natural habitat."

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ctorretta1931d ago

This really is an awesome game on the Vita. Perfect for short bursts and the cross-play between PS3 and Vita versions are fun. Especially since you get both versions with cross-buy and can immediately start playing between the two consoles.

nugnugs1931d ago

I was really interested until I saw the £11.99 price tag.

Rikuson11931d ago

If you can get someone else to pay with you it's friendly worth it especially if you get that Ps+ discount

nugnugs1931d ago

Yeah, thats true, but it's more the principle. I'll try the trial version then decide if it's overpriced

spok221931d ago

I have the demo to play through until a price drop.

erikthegman1931d ago

It's definitely worth the money. Essentially you're getting a new game every time you play.