LEGO City Undercover Wii U Bundle Launching October 18 For Europe

In amongst The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle there’s also another launching for Europe. Though not as exciting as the Zelda bundle with the special Hylian design embossed on the GamePad, LEGO City Undercover will launch in combination with a Wii U premium on October 18. Nintendo previously bundled the LEGO City Undercover title with a limited edition figurine of Chase McCain, but there’s been no word on whether it will be included in the new bundle. It’s reportedly priced at £249.99, the same as the Zelda Wii U bundle.

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falcon971725d ago

Amazing game love it completed about 20% of it really good textures and lighting...and very fun car and character physics....

CFDTBone1725d ago

Funniest game I've played. A must have for Wii U.