Nintendo Says Wii U's Name Not Responsible For Wii U's Problems

One of the popular theories about why the Wii U has struggled is that it just might have the wrong name. Millions of people loved the Wii, so maybe they should have called this one the Wii 2? Here's Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime's take:P

"The challenges we're facing with Wii U are not issues of the name," Fils-Aime told me during an interview earlier this week, after acknowledging that sales of the Wii U in the U.S. are only at 1.5 million units, about half of what the Wii did in the same amount of time.

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Yi-Long1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

... because it's been a case of very poor marketing, where most non-gamers hardly have a clue as to what the WiiU actually is (a completely NEW system), so many just assume it's an 'upgrade' to the original Wii.

Many think it's just a Wii plus a tablet. And the name plays a big part in that assumption.

So the casuals haven't really gotten the message, and that's because of poor marketing by Nintendo.

Gamers DO know it's a new system, but they also know the system right now is A: still lacking in games, and B: it's not REALLY next-gen, specs-wise, so many would much rather wait for a PS4 or XBO.

darthv721910d ago

poor marketing is the major reason for the wii-u problems. they had the opportunity right from the start to present the system as the suitable replacement to the wii. Hell they could have pulled the wii from the shelves and replaced it with the wii-u and had a better chance at selling them.

Meaning that the wii-u plays all the wii games in addition to its own. so people who didnt already get a wii would see the wii-u as the only choice and (if the marketing was right) be sold on it being better than the wii at doing all the same things.

But they tried to play it off like the transition between the nes and snes. But back then there was no such thing as BC so anyone who wanted to buy mega man had to buy the nes and anyone who wanted to buy super castlevania had to buy the snes.

Nintendo could have served both markets with 1 platform but they kept the wii on the shelf and put this next to it with little to no real marketing to promote it correctly. Store employees didnt really talk it up when people would ask questions about the wii or wii-u.

I was doing a better job of informing those who had questions than store staff and actually sold a few wii-u's in the process.

GreatGamePlay1910d ago

"Nintendo Entertainment System 7"

Darth Gamer1910d ago

I've been saying the name was going to be a problem from the moment I heard it. People ( The casual crowd which is about 50% of the people who bought a Wii) will be confused and think that it is just an expensive add on to the Wii that they already own and not many will fork out that ammount of cash for an add on. Nintendo should have dropped the Wii name completely and went with the Nintendo Revolution and promoted backwards compatability with the Wii. Problem solved and no confusion.

LOL_WUT1910d ago

The name does make it seem more like an upgrade to the Wii. They should've went with the Wii 2 makes it seems like a newer version of their previous console. ;)

stuna11910d ago

I said the exact thing in the previous article! For Nintendo to believe the name is not partially to blame for their dilemma, it's equivalent to them walking around with their finger in their ears!

People who casually pick up something on a whim, don't usually notice the subtle differences in a product! Only those that research it do.

3-4-51910d ago

Lack of compelling games is the Main reason.

That reason, is currently being fixed.

Be patient.

famoussasjohn1910d ago

The wait better be worth it. It's really pathetic it will take this long before the thing starts getting better support.

clouds51910d ago

I'm almost 100% certain it will be the same with ps4. The first year is basically always like this with a new system.

TXIDarkAvenger1910d ago

3DS is selling really well thus proving the name isn't the problem.

CaptainPunch1910d ago

DS - 3DS, what sounds newer?

TXIDarkAvenger1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Ok, thats like saying

Wii- Wii U, what sounds newer?

It's just common sense, the name doesn't mean shit and isn't responsible for anything.

live2play1910d ago

They should focus on the casual players reason
nit the gamers, gamers inform themselves really well with gaming sites.

just get alot of Nintendo reps to go out and ask people why they don't have a wiiu. Collect the data and divide it into categories

waiting for the holidays
waiting for more games
we already have a Wii and don't use it
what's a wiiu?

then see what the biggest problem is and address it

BullyMangler1910d ago

sh shh . Nintendo has spoken (:

N4g_null1909d ago

I think its just better anti marketing. The media did a good job trolling the wiiu even though they knew what it was. You just get more hits from trolling.

they really just did not want Nintendo to win again, some where butt hurt about the wii doom not happening. Also iphone, 1,2,3,3s,4,4s,5,6 and the ps,1,2,3, go, xepiria, vita, and now 4. Imagine the confusion of xbox 1 verses the original xbox yet no one sees that as a problem. Your trolling and Nintendo knows it, the gamers know it so do the casuals... they buy wii sports like games and wii fit, plenty of people where looking for the next version, its coming which is unfortunate for trolls.

I would have loved the nin rev also... yet the jump might be more of a revolutionary jump next time.

the fact is the wii is a brand and the wii was more approach able than the wiiu. Also 3rd parties bailed on them. I guess next time they will have something ready just encase that happens next time.

ill be watching wii fit and party closely yet im sure every one that got the old mkwii wants to new one, which is the same for smash.

there is huge potential that the problem will be solved.

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-Foxtrot1910d ago

Oh Nintendo....I think it is

I don't see why most Japanese devs/companies can't admit when they are in the wrong. Square Enix and Capcom are exactly the same.

Xof1910d ago

It's really not.

Core gamers know what the WiiU is. They're not buying it due to a lack of software, not because the name is silly.

Casual gamers don't know what the WiiU is (a new peripheral?), but at the same time that doesn't really matter as the WiiU does not currently have any games with strong casual appeal. There is no Nintendogs or WiiFit yet to tap into that market.

And, perhaps due to both of those reasons, Nintendo has yet to really launch a strong marketing campaign for the WiiU.

Once the platform has enough titles to allow for a strong marketing push (probably by February or so) that brand-confusion will disappear.

I mean, hell, was there any brand-confusion between the iPad and iPod? Of course not--once demand rises, consumers will recognize the difference.

admiralvic1910d ago

The lack of proper branding is the issue, not the name. Like you can say the same about the 3DS, yet that sells perfectly alright.

sherimae24131910d ago

just market the hell out it ninty, and make third parties go onboard -_-
the wii u will be much more appealing if it has both 3rd party games and first party games

thank god, ubisoft is still on full support for wii u....
(rayman legends, splinter cell, ac4 black flag, & watchdogs, justdance)

Blaze9291910d ago

Nothing is wrong with the name, it's just how many freaking revisions they keep coming out with - mainly on the DS. So no one knows this is actually a new full fledged console - people just think its a remodeled Wii with extras. Wii2 would've simply done the job.

ape0071910d ago

now with the price cut and games coming out, im sure it will do well

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