Guardians of Middle-earth Arrives on PC

Return to the epic battles and heart-pounding action of Middle-earth as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today released Guardians of Middle-earth for Windows PC. Developed by Monolith Studios and brought to PC by Zombie Studios, Guardians of Middle-earth is now available for distribution through Steam and other digital retailers.

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allgamespc20121903d ago

ya good luck charging that prize on pc when u have f2p mobas like dota and lol and soon dawngate and then the new game by hon creators. this will go f2p and itll be the best thing that happens to them

cunnilumpkin1903d ago

I love lotr but I will be waiting till this hits $5 or less, shouldn't be long, as you said above, with so many GREAT free mobas, lotr alone ain't enough to get people spending $20

3-4-51903d ago

This game is actually really fun to play and better than I thought it would be.

It also makes Support classes much better than LoL or Dota2.

It won't compete with them, but it's a really fun game.

Played it for xbox 360 a while back...