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Destiny Senior Writer Talks about Striking a Balance Between Solo, Co-Op and Multiplayer - AusGamers

In a video interview feature with AusGamers, Destiny Senior Writer and Bungie community manager, Eric Osborne talks at length about striking a balance between the single-player experience, the game's core co-op experience and competitive multiplayer.

"So we want to make sure there’s activities for every mood," Osborne told AusGamers. "It’s super-important for us to not only recognise that there are players that just want to do one particular activity -- like there are players that just want to do story content, or just want to do competitive multiplayer, but there are a lot of players that do everything, they’re omnivorous, so they play the story, and then they go play competitive multiplayer, then when their buddies are online, they go and do the cooperative stuff.

"So we’re making sure that everyone has this steady dose of really interesting and engaging activities that feel really knew and fresh and, that the world feels like it’s alive and dynamic is super-important, and supercritical. So we can do that through cinematics and through writing, but we can do that in a lot of ways, by enabling players to be the most important actors -- giving them agency in the world, making sure the sandbox is crafted that it feels different every time, giving them worthy enemies that are fun to fight, giving them a sandbox of weapons that are fun to use and interesting to go after and pursue." (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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