What Has Been Cut From Aussie Version Of GTAIV?

Playstation Extremes readers have been writing in asking questions about what has been changed in the Aussie version of GTAIV. So they created this FAQ to help answer them.

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Jim Crowslaw3894d ago

the usage of the word mate in the game

The Dark Knight3894d ago

or maybe we dont get D!ck heads like you online, oh gee a world that i hope for

heretic923894d ago

was this story even necessary it doesnt tell u any thing. its not even like "we expect there to be no robberies like in gta:sa" its just some dumbass faq that doesnt actually answer anything

moneymaker3894d ago

If you read the top the faq it said "A lot of our readers have been writing in asking us" so it was to help answer the questions that were being asked. "The sexual content, gore, drug references have been toned down or partly removed."

RecSpec3894d ago

So what has been cut?

"Well, we don't exactly know, but we know stuff HAS been cut"

jkhan3894d ago

Well actually the author of this article don't know about it himself.

kwicksandz3894d ago

the past few gta cuts have all been sexual content so im guessing


and the drunk driving part. bloody government loves it speed cameras and random breath testing so i bet they wouldnt let drunk driving fly.

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The story is too old to be commented.