Cheats? What cheats?

What is the one word not mentioned by Rockstar regarding GTA V? Cheats. Have they decided to push GTA Online and sacrificed cheats because of it?

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US8F1601d ago

"cheats helped provide hours and hours of extra gameplay from previous games"

Couldn't have said it better. I'm still playing GTA IV with cheats and I can't get enough. I hope there would be cheats in this game, I really do.

ScamperCamper1601d ago

Yeah. I always think back to even a game like goldeneye on the n64 and all the cool crap in that game that rare never planned. Glitches are cool, but cheats are a class above that. Like I'm sure glitches will be in gta v in a big way because the game is so vast. Thats cool but cheats are better imo.

SoreLoser1601d ago

I gonna need a break from class and studying starting sept 17.

CaptainFaisal1600d ago

" I gonna "
Please don`t as your grammar is terrible. Stay at school and play this game on weekends or something.

Cam9771600d ago

I'm sorry, but whoever wrote this article is an idiot. They haven't mentioned tanks (but we saw them), did that mean there weren't any before the new trailer? The same can be said about the actual storyline other than robbing banks. This is such a stupid article.

Call_Me_Boris1600d ago

Not sure. I haven't seen any official or articles regarding cheats tbh.

3-4-51600d ago

* Step #1 - input all cheats into cellphone

* Step #2 - Carnage

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Wintersun6161601d ago

Anyone else remember super bunny hopping to the highest rooftop of Los Santos in SA? I want to do it again in GTA V.

Snookies121600d ago

What about the back pedaling leg stretch glitch on SA? Hold down the brake on bicycles and start tapping really fast to wind up your legs. That was always hilarious to me, watching them unwind as you ride down the street.

SoreLoser1601d ago

Cheats or glitches, I am good with either or. Funny stuff I'll check out for sure and I'm sure there will be plenty of that action!!

jjb19811600d ago

Just deactivate cheats for online play. Helllllll

spike1600d ago

Does anyone know if this game is gonna have regenerating health?

Hellsvacancy1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

I hope not, you should have to buy food to regen health, if your on a mission you could eat a Mars Bar, or in GTAs case a Uranus Bar

I'm not a fan of regenerating health

ScamperCamper1600d ago

When I see the 25% faster special ability regeneration because somebody paid more for a collectors edition, I would say most likely you're going to see regenerating health.

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