SF IV: New Fighter Revealed & El Fuerte Video

Japan continues to get some major Street Fighter IV loving as evidence by the new Street Fighter IV Arcade testing. This latest build of the game has El Fuerte as a playable character and is said to have Vega and M.Bison as playable fighters as well. Can't confirm Vega and M. Bison returning for sure until Destructoid see some pictures or video, but they do have this video of El Fuerte battling it out with Zangief.

This latest testing of the game has also revealed a new fighter as evidence by the first video. His name is Rufus and he's fatter than E. Honda. Even though he's obese like crazy, he seems to move pretty fast still.

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Athlon3894d ago

WTH is that in the first video? Rufus? Why is capcom putting these crazy characters in the game. So much for character balance.

LazyPhalanges3894d ago

I remember street fighter from way back. I played it on a handheld, but I can’t remember the name of the system or which street fighter it was. :(

socomnick3894d ago

The character in the bottom video was awesome but the top one wtf ?

Yi-Long3894d ago

... that I'm very excited about these new fighters.
Rufus and Viper look horrible and out of place, the other 2 (blonde guy and masked guy) look OK.

I want Fei Long and Cammy, and maybe some of the great characters from the Alpha series and from SF3 (ninjachick) as well...

MrBii3894d ago

Blatant Bob from Tekken 6 rip off.

Bob is the shiat. Crazy fat ass, fun to play.

Crapcom running out of original ideas? Im sorry but SF4 gameplay looks outdated and too slow.

The new characters dont have charisma and the game is turning rapidly into a SF EX meets SF2.

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