‘The Division’ won’t be a ‘port to PC’, dogs play no significant role

StickSkills writes, "When games are initially announced for consoles and have a PC announcement follow at a later date, speculation usually rises that a port is happening. If you had that speculation about The Division by Ubisoft, don’t worry, it’s not going to be “just a port” for the PC version."

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ATi_Elite1603d ago

LOL at Dog comment....expecting a PC Port with some minor features tossed in.

Need to see more from the far not hyped for it.

negative1603d ago

Looks awesome so far. Very excited for this!

Dogs rofl!!!!

Gster1603d ago

So in the Division we'll need to Watchdogs! mmm... I'm confused :p

SeraphimBlade1603d ago

"dogs play no significant role"


MisfitsInc1603d ago

i need more footage, i NEED IT!!!

pr0t0typeknuckles1603d ago

But but but tge dogs are revolutionary,having a dog is innovation,i mean look at cod the dog makes that game 1000x better,LMFAO jk jk

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