Witcher 3 Dev: PS4 and Xbox One Versions Will "Probably" Differ, Depends on Individual Hardware

"During Gamescom we caught up with Peter Gelencser, Senior Level Designer at CD Projekt RED to discuss all things regarding The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt."

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GarrusVakarian1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

I think we all know what that means. Tables have turned for me next gen, now PS will be my multiplat console while the Xbox One will be for exclusives.

I didn't word that properly......basically what im saying is Xbox will only be for MS exclusives. PS4 will be for everything (multiplats and PS exclusives)

xHeavYx1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

There is no reason for devs to come up with lower quality versions on the PS4 now, since the development is supposed to be a lot easier than the PS3.

GarrusVakarian1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Lower quality versions compared to what?


Oh right, well this time The PS4 more powerful and is easier to develop for so i don't see that problem happening again.

xHeavYx1453d ago

Compared to Multiplats on the PS3, compared to the 360 version, some games looked better on the 360 and devs said that it was because working with the Cell was more dificult

Godmars2901453d ago

"There is no reason for devs to come up with lower quality versions on the PS4 now"

Would not bet on that.

GribbleGrunger1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

I agree with you Godmars. There isn't just Development and hardware capabilities, there's policies too, especially when you consider which console Witcher 2 released on. I'm hoping you're wrong and I'm wrong, but naivety is sometimes just a respite from reality. Sony wouldn't just take it on the chin this time around though. I think gifs with Cerny holding a baseball bat will become very popular.

Mounce1453d ago

Time to Triangle 1-2 months mang.

Cerny better be right on that, because it depends entirely on developer competence too :P

BitbyDeath1452d ago

@gribble, this is true, but don't forget Xbox isn't even releasing in the country where the witcher is made. Those ties be gone.

Ashunderfire861452d ago


What XHeavYx is saying is that developers won't have an excuse to make bad ports on PS4,like they did with PS3. Just look at the history of bad ports on the PS3, Call of Duty series, Rainbow Six, Fallout series, Skyrim, Bayonetta, and others due to the advance hard to develop Cell Processor. PS4 will be easy as cake to develop.Yummy!

pixelsword1452d ago

"There is no reason for devs to come up with lower quality versions on the PS4 now, since the development is supposed to be a lot easier than the PS3."

True, but remember:


Eonjay1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Games are always going to look better on the PS4; because the Xbox One and PS4 are both using X86/64 architecture. This means the new baseline is the PC. Games will be designed for the PC and ported over to the consoles. Gone are the days when games were ported from one Power PC setup to another. A developer will simply make the game for a PC and adjust the setting to match the specs of the consoles. The PC version will always have highest possible fidelity, the PS4 will be second, and Jill will come tumbling after.

Basically since the consoles now have x86 architecture it will be like playing a PC game on two different rigs with two different specs. The PC with the higher specs should always look better. PC gamers already know this. Thats why they bother to update their video cards. The know the same game will play better if they have a better video card. The PS4 has a better GPU than the Xbox One. Case closed.

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gameseveryday1453d ago

Well it be a repeat of previous generation. Developers will use the lowest common denominator as a basis for their games. It is obvious. However the extra power of the PS4 will be used by 1st party developers, that's one thing for sure.

H0RSE1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

I hear the " lowest common denominator," line often, and it's used in such a derogatory way, that it suggests that we could be playing games at ultra PC setting, but we'll have to settle for SNES...

How low are you expecting this "lowest denominator" to be? Do you expect to see any significant differences? Furthermore, with more and more news on the details of MS's "custom everything" console, I'm not sure which console will actually turn out to be the lowest denominator.

Godlovesgamers1453d ago

"Well it be a repeat of previous generation. Developers will use the lowest common denominator as a basis for their games."

They won't if they want PS4 owners to buy their product. There is no good reason that PS4 titles shouldn't look markedly better than Wii U and XB1 games. Development is way easier and the PS4 has a significant power lead in terms of tech.

Personally, one of my reasons for getting a PS4 is because it is much more powerful. If 3rd party dev's don't take the time to tap into that power then I won't be taking the time and money to get their games.

G20WLY1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

^H0: That's it fella, a positive mental attitude ;o)

Meanwhile, back in the real world, I suspect the PS4 version will be better by a fairly small margin given MS policies...

Also, as Rashid said: if you make a game for 2 platforms and one of them is weaker by far, people might not bother buying for the weaker console and so the dev/pub could lose sales. :(

Minute Man 7211452d ago

Did this lowest common denominator apply to the PS2 era? Because multiplats looked better on the Cube and Xbox

Eyeco1452d ago

"lowest common denominator"

No offence but you make it sound like the PS4 is this super computer, the reality is, if the game is on the PC the "lowest common denominator" will be consoles as a whole regardless of how much more powerful the PS4 is to the XB1 and it really isn't that much more powerful.

I'm a fan of Playstation and yes the PS4 is an adequate leap from the last gen, but why not be happy with just that and play and look forward to the games rather than worry which console version is going to be best, because the truth is both will never compare to the PC version, have you ever heard of the argument of console gaming holding back PC gaming ?

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user74029311453d ago

I can see the ps4 version having better framerate, textures, resolution, and shadows , other than that both versions should play the same.

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slimeybrainboy1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )


That's trolling.

But i'll be damned if it isn't funny. aha Trolling done right!

1453d ago
Lboogieskells1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

@Dirty Pimp
lol troll. Good trolls are always welcome :)

thezeldadoth1453d ago

PC will be leagues ahead of both console versions.

bababrooks1452d ago

I think time will tell over what you read on the net and what you actually get in the finished product, don't get hyped with jargon,,,,,,let the games do the talking not the sales people or fan boys! Both consoles will be great and each will have there own strengths, fingers crossed prosperity comes my way and I can enjoy the best from both camps, N4G is getting bitter and twisted when in reality we should all be holding our hands up in joy and celebrate the next generation of console gaming,,,,good times ahead don't miss !!!!!

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NextGen24Gamer1453d ago ShowReplies(23)
3-4-51453d ago

Depends? as if they are just having the specs revealed to them now ?

Oh they know, they just aren't allowed to say which is more powerful until consoles are released.

Mariusmssj1453d ago

and the game isn't going to out for another year or so.

Godz Kastro1453d ago

You sure he's talking PS4? There is a lot of news coming to light about the X1's custom architecture.

ABeastNamedTariq1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

*facepalm* PS4 is the most powerful, don't care by how much, just saying it's more powerful. Use some common sense; why would MS put THAT much power into a $500 console (4K/ 2K NATIVE? Seriously? Nah.) Do you know how much of a loss that would be for them? I find it hilarious that you're buying into what Elite is saying. It's from a poorly written blog. Come on now.

OT: The dev is most likely talking about the PS4.

Flutterby1452d ago

The only "news" coming to light about the Xbox one power is made up stuff either linked by elite24gamer or in articles he is making himself, hot chips 100% proved the ps4 as the more powerful console , we shouldn't need to do this fighting all the time , if elite was not spreading spam lies the articles would be a lot less troll like.

adorie1453d ago

Well said. I've been thinking about gettin an Xbone next year, after GPU upgrade. It'll go with my preordered bone controller nicely.

MS has done some nice 180's and has some decent games on their console so far. in January or so, I'll grab a Live card for 1 year of gold to prepare.

When I started commenting, or a lot more often, somewhere down the beginning I stated I wouldn't get more than 1 or 2 consoles this gen, but I'm more than likely going to end up with all 3. PS4 pre-order is paid, got a controller, 2 games. KZ, WD and I already have a PSN card worth 50 bucks, for PS+, PS4 launch.

My disposable income is going up next year.Might as well invest in my hobby and fill my savings to the brim, while I'm at it. :)

webeblazing1453d ago

should it really matter it really matter tho. people should get there multiplat games on the system there friends play the most. its not gonna be like its gonna be a gen leap of a difference between xbone and ps4. up coming gen is no different from this gen especially now that both console have to pay for mp


Ryse, Titanfall(for now),Dead Ris....wait a minute,are you being sarcastic?

TheXgamerLive1452d ago

Well Xbox one has more and more surprises not to mention, Hypervision DirectX 11.2 Windows 8.1 and MS the Azure Cloud. That and the other things such as the 8gigs of flasb memory as well. It has a dual purpose. Its east to understand why Xbox One games look so much better