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Xbox One: The Last Microsoft Console?

Analysts debate whether Microsoft should get out of the devices business, including Xbox, following Ballmer's retirement (Industry, Microsoft, Xbox One)

ala_767  +   730d ago
Never expect that from M$ in the next 10 years!!!
Stuart5756  +   730d ago
I think the 'console' will change and evolve into some unique and often bizarre things but I don't think the X1 will be the last console.
malokevi  +   730d ago
It's not going to happen. Microsoft isn't stupid. Their software isn't the immense, universal draw that it once was. They need to diversify their assets in order to survive, like all the biggest tech companies.

Analysts are dumb as dirt.
MWong  +   730d ago
@ malokevi
M$ has one of the biggest and most commonly used OS in Windows. So yea, their software portfolio is still pretty immense. And who is to say that the $100M they spent on the controller R&D couldn't have been put towards Windows R&D?

I doubt it's true though. I could swear there was another article about something similar to this just a few days ago. If ValueAct has anything to do with it XBone will be M$ last console. They rather M$ focus on software & networking, due to the overall value of M$ creating gaming consoles.

I'm sure if M$ gets out of the console hardware business another company will step up.
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slazer101  +   730d ago
SolidStoner  +   730d ago
I cant see it to be the last console from MS side..

why? they still make goos money with these consoles (also by selling games on it)... and even if they loose some.. they can just start all over again.. its MS after all, they can screw up how many they like and later still make profit...

also I do believe that MS actually can do some good things, like creating or stimulating some good games and testing/creating new features... as much as I trust and prefer SONY I think that if there would be no MS and Nintendo.. Sony could really make some bad decisions..

Too much power isn't a good thing after all.. history tells that, not me..

actually some other companies could join gaming community, that would only improve the industry overall..
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kneon  +   730d ago

Except that they haven't actually made money from the xBox.

Since inception they have lost money overall, that's why stockholders and analysts periodically bring up the suggestion to get out of these side businesses and focus on their core offerings.
AngryTypingGuy  +   729d ago
I hope not. It's the competition that makes both Sony and MS put out so much content and try to wow us each year at E3 and in the Christmas season. It's the competition that leads to free game programs like the Instant Game Collection and Games with Gold. If one went away, it would make things less exciting for the customer.
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   730d ago
If it fails miserably it will, however it will not and unless Xbox gets turned into a digital service, I expect to see the Xbox Two 6 years down the line.


It's to big to fail and unlike the PS3 it has a strong-launch line up and will receive a massive MS marketing push- truth/opinion. I still think the PS4 will out sell the Xbox One 1.5:1.
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Tony-A  +   730d ago
lol. Xbox Two.

"Hey man, are you buying the Xbox Two?"

"You mean the Xbox 360?"

"No man, that's their second console. I'm talking about their fourth console, the Two."

".... What?"

"Well, you know how their third console was the One?"


"Okay, so the successor to the One is the fourth Xbox, which is Two."

".... Oh my god."
avengers1978  +   730d ago
Not unless MS really sells off the Xbox division( but I don't see that really happening )
I give it 5-6 years, and there will be new consoles again. Remember the PS360/Wii generation was the longest one
gaelic_laoch  +   730d ago
Belking  +   730d ago
This console could be the last. It's definitely built for the future. Eve if it is it's been an awesome ride so far with the xbox brand.
negative  +   730d ago
The way the PlayStation brand is losing money it will be gone before the Xbox brand.....
snitch_puck  +   730d ago
please, my friend. don't even start with that.
DebateMaster  +   730d ago
Is this a joke? Its a fact that the PS brand is making money but as usual some ignorant fanboy will come up with some baseless random opinion as fact. The PS brand isn't going away anytime soon. Sony is supported 3 systems with AAA exclusives still being produced today on all of them. While Microsoft abandoned the 360 and is supporting the Xbox one. Neither company is dying anytime soon but if a company had to go first its MS. If the PS brand was dying do you think Sony could afford to support 3 systems at a time? How come MS can't support both 360 and one? Its an insult to those still investing in the 360.
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gaelic_laoch  +   730d ago
The way the xbox brand is losing customers it will hardly get out of the stables!
Gimmemorebubblez  +   730d ago
Sony has erased most of its Psone and Ps2 profits between 2005-2009 but still has made a 3bn dollar profit since 1995 from the Playstation. Since 2000 Xbox has erased most of its losses but still is -1.9 billon USD in the red.#fact

Both the PS4 and the Xbox One have a lot to prove to investors.
Allsystemgamer  +   730d ago
It started making money a while ago. Nice try though Xbot. The ps4 preorders are also much higher than the X1
tiffac008  +   730d ago
From my understanding MS Xbox division has never recouped their loses from the original Xbox which was said to be about 3-4 billion dollars. Forbes has the article on that back at '05

There was also a report back in January (not sure of its accuracy) that pointed out that the Xbox Division has lost 3 billion dollars in a decade even when the 360 was making money.

Add the investment to the Xbox One.

Through all that and whatever the numbers on Sony's side. I still doubt both Sony or MS would just leave the industry. That would be just a fanboys wet dream.
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Clarence  +   730d ago
@ Negative

You wasted a bubble for that dumb a$$ comment? You know the PS brand is making money.
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Brix90  +   730d ago

Your name says it all nothing positive
Picnic  +   729d ago
Sony will have money from charging for all online play this time.
user7402931  +   730d ago
built for the future with AA batteries?
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snitch_puck  +   730d ago
It's not that it's the last one, but there is a possibility that Microsoft might create a new line of console, or better yet, they just focus more on their primary specialty, the PC.
AceBlazer13  +   730d ago
OS not pc.
snitch_puck  +   730d ago
Oh sorry. I thought I had provided my point/idea so I excluded that fact. My bad.
mcstorm  +   730d ago
I don't see Microsoft pulling out of the console business and I don't see why they will need to. If sales were low for the 360 like they were for the Xbox then maybe we could say they would be looking to be but now even though this site makes you think it is not the Xbox brand is massive and can hold its own against the Playstation and Nintendo names.

No one knows what will happened between now and 10 years from now and just because a console starts off slow dose not mean it will not pickup after too or if it starts of fast will not slow down.

I know Ballmer is leaving MS soon but just because he is looking to step down dose not mean things will carry on evolving. Microsoft are in the middles of making one eco system and the xbox one is another step of this happening as it is running on Windows RT and Microsoft haves said that Windows Phone will also look to be running RT as well which will mean one development platform across Phone, Console, Tablet and PC.
stuff  +   730d ago
Without proper competition the whole industry would crumble. If Msoft bows out I hope someone else steps up to compete for all our sake.
ForgivenZombie  +   730d ago
maybe sega will return to the console market, they were tight with MS for awhile, or apple might buy the xbox division.
AceBlazer13  +   730d ago
It existed without Xbox before think we could do it again.
DinoNYC  +   730d ago
I disagree, simply because of PS2.
dark-hollow  +   730d ago
Ps1 and ps2 huge success are the reason why Sony opted with lackluster launch of the ps3. Same with Nintendo with the n64 and the Wii u.
Crystallis  +   730d ago
Enter Sega!
Activemessiah  +   730d ago
So does this mean Nintendo survives in the end as the last one standing?... would be a hell of a twist if you ask me.
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ForgivenZombie  +   730d ago
Nintendo would do a lot better if they would take some risks and put out a true next gen console. I give them props for the tablet/controller innovation, now apply that type of thinking towards what you put in the console and see what happens.
Activemessiah  +   730d ago
True but the Wii U just came out... abandoning it too soon would not bod well for them but yeah I agree about releasing a console on steroids.
user7402931  +   730d ago
i think were seeing the ps2 gamecube and xbox generation all over again.
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svoulis  +   730d ago
We NEED Microsoft and Sony to be competitors. IT doesn't matter what games you think are better or what sold the most. You need to understand why competition is good & the best way for me to describe this is with past events.

When a company feels like they are so on top of something they start to do the wrong things and hurt themselves for it.

A few examples


PS2 did amazingly well for its lifespan most successful console to date, sony took this into account and thought "meh we can release the PS3 a year after Microsoft's Xbox 360 and charge 600$, we'll be fine, we are Sony..we have PS2)

Look what happened with PS3. This is where Sony lost a lot of its fan-base, with in that year people wanted "next gen", and they wanted it affordable. Microsoft was smart in making 2 flavors at launch 399 and 299 respectively.

Nintendo with the Wii U

Because Nintendo is in its own Niche of a crowd, they thought "well since we sold so many Wii's a Wii U would sell just as well if not better" They rush launch a console to be head of the competition and look what happened. It's doing horrible and they have a very limited library of games going for it.

Microsoft with Xbox One.

Microsoft did so well with the 360 they thought. People will buy it no matter what we do, they will buy it. Restrictions/always Online/DRM. Force you to use a Kinect, no kinectless version for people who don't want the camera. High Price tag...seem familiar? repeating Sony's Mistakes? I think so.

Now you see guys, this is why we need competition, because when a company has no one (in their mind) to really compete with, their ego inflates...so large in fact they start making dumb decisions and takes a while to recover from.

All 3 companies have made crucial mistakes as far as the industry is concerned. They eventually patch it up (PS3 PRICE DROPS, WiiU acknowledging their limited library and Microsoft reversing their restrictions) But in some cases for some gamers; The damage is done.
AceBlazer13  +   730d ago
They won't pull out of any market they'll stick their ass in every possible market till they find something that works for them as good as Windows.Only a matter of time till Google or someone brings a brand new OS to compete with their Windows brand.
ElementX  +   730d ago
You mean like Sony with their nose in every possible market? I made this same comment a number of times. PCs, TVs, Bluray, Game Consoles, Mobile Phones, E-Readers, Laptops, Stereos, Portable Audio, Car Audio... the list goes on.
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ElementX  +   730d ago
Not to mention music and film
kenshiro100  +   730d ago
Element your comment was just as ignorant...no offense.
BG11579  +   730d ago
I have always considered myself as Sony fan, and yet I sure hope this doesn't happen.
It's the competition that drives companies push themselves to do their best.
It would be really bad for the gaming industry.
christocolus  +   730d ago
Sony made huge losses, sold off their buildings , layed off so many staff and owed about three major japanese banks money for some years(cost of building the cell) but they still kept going , as long as ms can handle it,the xbox will remain in the business .besides this has been in the news since the first xbox, analysts have said same about sony and nintendo too but yet they have survived this far so all this analysts need to take a break......besides i dont see ms selling the brand.this wasnt just ballmers deceision, gates suported this business deceision too.
Dlacy13g  +   730d ago
do I think Xbox One is MS's last console? Possibly...also highly likely it will be Sony's as well. The games industry will transform in the coming 10yrs. I am pretty sure the next gen of "consoles" will something akin to a hub station you log into and stream your games from. All the hardware will be on the back end on their servers.
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christocolus  +   730d ago
gazgriff2k12  +   730d ago
HOPE SO F$$k microsoft
Harmonizer  +   730d ago
If MS quits the console race, apple, google, samsung and others are more than likely to enter the market in some form.
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urwifeminder  +   730d ago
No more consoles for me if that was the case id just stay with pc.
Izzy408  +   730d ago
If MS were to ever sell their Xbox division, they should either sell it to Apple or Google.
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GoodnessGreatness  +   730d ago
Should be. Bring on Sega!
JustPlay4  +   730d ago
Ps5 = Ms - Software, Sony - Harware

that be fun wouldn't it, not for every one though

Yes I'm a Ps fan just saying
ElitaStorm  +   730d ago
going to play safe buy a ps4
thexmanone  +   730d ago
MS will buy Sony
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kenshiro100  +   730d ago
Sarcasm, right?
thexmanone  +   729d ago
yep Just having a little fun.
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glennco  +   730d ago
Not even out yet

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