Xbox One Voice Commands will be available in 5 countries at launch

GC - "Microsoft has revealed in very fine print that only 5 countries will be having Kinect voice commands when the console comes out later this year."

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iamnsuperman1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

No Spain or Italy? that is odd

or Ireland or Australia (you know who speak English as well)

(Edit if this is an accent thing I would be worried for those people who are from North Wales, Scotland and some Northern places as they can have quite thick accents. Hell even I don't understand them sometimes)

HolyDuck1932d ago

Part of Ireland is in the UK.

So, it'll probably work in the whole of Ireland.

iamnsuperman1932d ago

You would think but bare in mind Ireland is a separate country. Don't lump Ireland in with the UK because the UK has Northern Ireland in it. I assume if you change the store to a UK store it will work

gaelic_laoch1932d ago

Have you not been to Cork BOYO!

malokevi1932d ago

Well... that must be really disappointing for some language groups.

Thank the devil that I speak common.

Septic1932d ago

It's still pretty lame though.

This reminds of the video on Youtube of a Scotsman trying to use Siri.

christian hour1932d ago

@gaelic_laoch Shtay outta cashletown!

christian hour1932d ago

So I just imagined bertie Ahern trying to use the voice commands on xbox one... pissing myself.

xHeavYx1932d ago

It sounds (no pun intended) like MS is rushing the One to be part of the Xmas battle

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christian hour1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Even when Kinect 1 came out you couldn't use voice commands in Ireland for at least the first year.

This could be rectified by changing your locale to UK... I think eventually they enabled it but I didn't use my kinect much after the novelty wore off.

I'm surprised after all this time they still haven't gotten their act together on this. For something they deem essential to the experience of the console, I would assume this was something they would have sorted out long before launch. I guess they spent a little too much time on TV, Sports and DRM and making sure their camera met NSA standards :P

Sure they've gone back on all of that now, but it doesn't change the fact that they simply do not give two shits about their consumers enjoyment, just their wallets.

@HolyDuck you'd think that, but its not the case at all. Considering they touted the original Kinect as the future of gaming, they didn't really put a lot of work in to it, and it seems to be the same with Kinect 2.0

@iamnsuperman I figured it was an accent thing too, but worked for people in scotland, northern ireland and wales, also worked for any irish person be they from the most rural parts of cork or a council estate in Dublin once they changed locale to uk.

I honestly can't understand their reasoning for blocking out other english speaking countries like that.

HammadTheBeast1932d ago

According to them, "Kinect is Xbox One".

Therefore, technically, Xbox only works in 5 countries at launch.

*Tips Hat*

gaelic_laoch1932d ago

@gaelic_laoch Shtay outta cashletown!

Not a problem, its not even on my sat nav! ;)

-Foxtrot1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

You can imagine some Spanish guy yelling at his Xbox One for hours thinking it's broke haha

"EN"..."KINECT ....EN "


Reminds me of this

mcstorm1932d ago

Haha love the The it crowd. I work in IT support and you would be surprised how much in that program happens in real life.

christian hour1932d ago

@mcstorm Hello Computer... ... Hello, Computer... HELLO! HELLO! HELLO!

PSVita1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I don't understand how they don't have the language library together already. i mean didnt those places missing out now have the original kinect with the correct languages?

Also they've stressed the fact that "kinect is the Xbox one" yet 2 months from launch they still aren't prepared for the know language differences.

MysticStrummer1932d ago

It was clear soon after the reveal that the One would be very NA focused, at least at first. The euros were recently thrown a bone with the FIFA deal, but the One will still be very NA-centric even after everyone gets voice commands.

avengers19781932d ago

All I can say to this is WTF! MS you gotta be kidding with this, first you reduce the number of countries your launching in then reduce the features down even further... Why not just release in NA and the UK it's obvious those are the only places you care about

Deadpoolio1932d ago

Because no matter what Major Microsoft claims YES they are having problems with the One80.....It's even more obvious IF you believe their story that they got their FCC cert before Sony did and have been in production longer....

Using Major Microsoft's logic or lie of MS having no issues with the One80...That makes no sens then, they have been making consoles longer than Sony, but had to slash 21 launch countries down to 13 and instead of shipping 7 million at launch now it's 6 million....

Yet Sony who again using Major Microsoft logic have been producing consoles for less time than them are shipping 16 million at launch, to 32 countries.....I smell RROD 2.0 coming

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

They use this as one of their main selling points and then sell it without it?

For a super rich corporation they should be doing more than sony lol

SilentNegotiator1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

So they claimed that they delayed it in some regions because of voice commands....and now we find out that not all of the regions getting Xbone right away even have it??!?

Deadpoolio1932d ago

Thats because the reality of the situation is that Major Microsoft and the PR gang are LIARS.....Chances are that YES they are having production problems, with any combination of the 3 issues the eSRAM frying the GPU, the Disc drive malfunctioning and the Kinect chips.....

I mean obviously they are not going to come out and admit it, BUT when you claim you got your FCC cert before Sony and have been in production longer yet you cut your launch shipment from 7 to 6 million and launch countries from 21 to 13, YOU ARE HAVING A PRODUCTION ISSUE....

They were probably better off not responding to the production issues and or the FCC cert. Especially when you just confirm that your having issues

slimeybrainboy1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Sooooo. MS say they delayed launch to localise yet it's only localised in 5 countries of the 13? How does that make sense?

If theres no supply issues why not just sell the consoles in the 21 countries you announced? Roll out Kinect later, so many european countries have the same or share multiple languages! Obviously dialect and accents can vary, but they either wont buy it untill its localised or will just not use Kinect.

Am I just being a paranoid MS hater, or does this smell like lies again?

Darrius Cole1932d ago

It's not you.

Either Microsoft is having manufacturing issues, or Microsoft underestimated how difficult it is to get its voice recognition software to work in every country in the world.

Now I can not imagine how anyone could possible underestimate something like that. There are A LOT of languages in the world and each language will have multiple regional dialects. How any adult could think that is anything but a gi-normous task is beyond me.

SilentNegotiator1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )


Yeah, it must be tough for them to do what they already did with the Kinect 1 for a small handful of regions. How were we to expect them to do that in several months with all of that ground work already completed?


Darrius Cole1932d ago

Microsoft wouldn't be rushing their console release would they? Only releasing in 13 countries, Kinect only working in less than half of those countries, and half the countries with a working Kinect being English-speaking all sound like a system that needs more work to me.

If I didn't know any better, I would say that Sony caught Microsoft off-guard by announcing that they would release the PS4 this year and Microsoft has been rushing trying to prevent the PS4 from getting the first-mover advantage.

They are charging a $100 for something that doesn't work right now and that most people won't use even if it did work.

Deadpoolio1932d ago

Well MS cut their launch from 21 to 13 and then on top of that cut the launch shipment from 7 to 6 million...Yet Sony is launching in 32 countries and are pushing to ship 16 million consoles....

That to me tells me that yep they are having production issues, Major Microsoft practically confirmed it when he had to mention they supposedly got their FCC certification before Sony and "have been in production longer"

Anon19741932d ago

So I missing something here? Microsoft just finished telling us that the reason they were delaying the console in so many countries was because of the time it took to localize the voice controls. Now we find out they can ship anyway without voice controls and probably just update later.

Doesn't that rather blow their localization excuse for delaying the Xbox One out the window?

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Kayant1932d ago

Well that puts the localization statement out of the window because it's not even supported in all countries being launched.

Roper3161932d ago

Does MS ever actually speak the truth? There is always some kind of spin or catch with everything they do or say imho.

Narutone661932d ago

MS:XB1 already passed FCC. (Actually, the controller is the one which passed the FCC).

PSVita1932d ago

Just curious, do you have a link naruto?

Deividas1932d ago

I dont think anyone believed that statement anyways, even without this.

Caffo011932d ago

LOL that's hilarious, MS is rushing like they did with 360!!

Belking1932d ago

lol..yea right. What hilarious is that they don't have o rush. They got this in the bag.

Deividas1932d ago

Your statement actually is hilarious!

Caffo011932d ago

where have you been these last months? even MS knows they're screwed..

MysticStrummer1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

"They got this in the bag"

How so? Even with all the 180s PS4 is still showing better preorder numbers, even in north america. I don't think MS has NA in the bag, much less the world.

bsquwhere1932d ago

Yeah the bag you bought it in, so can return it when kinect fails to understand what your saying.

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neocores1932d ago

All i have to say is if you not ready. DONT RELEASE AT ALL ITS THAT SIMPLE.

Salooh1932d ago

Y button only available to 6 countries.

KYU21301932d ago

so releasing in fewer regions and now even fewer countries will be able to take advantage of all those hyped features. Thats a bit disturbing in my opinion.

Neocores, if they did that it would almost be like admitting defeat. This early in the game and as much problems as they have had holding out could be a really big problem for them.