Take 25% off used games at GameStop

Bargain hunters will want to take advantage of this new coupon from GameStop. Used games will be discounted a full 25% -- but this will only work at retail outlets. This coupon is valid until 4/17, so you'll have to hurry if you want to take advantage of it.

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gamesR4fun3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

This will no doubt come in handy next time we go to the mall been drooling over some of the old 360 games i havnt had the cash for lol
Speaking of which went in to get our msg4 beta pack the other day and scored crackdown for 20 bucks (without a coupon) its a blast.

rCrysis3391d ago

gamesR4fun. the coupon says for any PS3 game. title needs to be changed.

awesome deal anyways

gamesR4fun3391d ago

Lol damn short edit time cant even make myself look like less of an idiot now :P

This is perfect tho the wife did want Folklore hopefully they'll have it when we go. If not ill just have to find something I wanna play that isnt already on our shelf. :D

Lord Anubis3390d ago

sorry lads i submitted the story late at night and forgot to do the corrections.

Chris_GTR13390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

damn it :( i cant think of a single old ps3 game id want to buy. ohhh probably uncharted! ...but knowing gamestop its probably 55$ used.

chanto233390d ago

ratchet and clank
Fight Night

those are pretty good choices if you dont own them yet...

Skerj3390d ago

If you have an Edge Card you can get to to $34.99 with this coupon because they stack.

Daurelus173390d ago

Just used it to buy ratchet and clank

Storm233390d ago

Wow, that is a good deal. Now I have to decide on what game I want to buy...

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