New Zelda Wind Waker HD Screens and Ganondorf Figurine Shots

To help promote the game’s release and updated visuals Nintendo has released a host of new in-game screenshots, as well as some detailed shots of the Ganondorf collectible figurine that will be offered in a special bundle of the game for $54.99. Head on down past the break to take in the HD Zelda goodness!

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tacotruck1730d ago

It's funny to think that a 10 year old game is going to become a system seller for the WiiU

clearelite1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

The price is a little surprising also and the fact that it hasn't been released yet(IMO).

BullyMangler1730d ago

and when u think deeper into it, one realizes that it aint even the same game anymore.

swice1730d ago

That's Nintendo for ya

cunnilumpkin1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

especially since its free in hd on pc (at higher resolutions that the wiiu could ever do) with dolphin emulator and 100% legal if you own the original

wii u, still nothing to make me take the plunge

monster hunter is close, but I need more than one game to get me to spend a couple hundred bucks

Tiqila1730d ago

playing zelda on my pc -> will not happen

wishingW3L1730d ago

and you can use a little patch to make it 16:9 BTW.