Battlefield 4 – “doubling down on single-player” but “multiplayer itself is worth the money”

OPM: Most games – particularly most modern FPS games – are determined to make you the hero. You’re the one who puts the knife in the bad guy’s eye, you’re the one who defuses the bomb strapped to the little girl’s face, you’re the one who pushes the big red ‘PRESS TO SAVE WORLD’ button. Battlefield doesn’t want to make these concessions: here you’re part of the war machine, playing one part among many.

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Ipunchbabiesforfun1934d ago

I'm really more into this game for the online...BF3 I got for my PC and just had a lot of issues of freezing and force closes on only the single player portion. I also had some graphical issues which only showed up in SP as well. It got to the point where I never finished it, I just didn't find it interesting.

3-4-51934d ago

These games are meant to be played in multiplayer.

Doing that, every game is different, every situation different, every opponent different and new, all actions and situations and circumstances are new and you must adapt to what is happening.

That is the appeal. That each time a game starts, there is opportunity to gain knowledge, learn something, and adapt your tactics and strategy.

At least in Battlefield.

r40k2131934d ago

Well yeah, they have more time to spend on singleplayer since the multiplayer is basically BF3+Commander on new maps. The sad part is that even though it's BF3.5 I'm still going to get it for the multiplayer.... I love the Battlefield series.

dcj05241934d ago

Sometimes I don't know the difference beetween a sequal and a .5. What warrants a omg its Game 2.5 and a WOW its Game 3.

Hazmat131934d ago

not gonna lie if games are just coming to multiplayer only then i feel sad for gaming. but im still gonna play the crap out of the storyline for BF4!

thekhurg1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Good news for me. Never been a fan of Battlefield online since I don't like mile long maps with vehicles everywhere. I prefer my multiplayer more along the Killzone style where people are all on the ground and in the action.

At least I know I can rent it for a good single player experience.

younglj011934d ago

I'm sorry please don't compare this game too BF3..BF4 will have 64 players on consoles.Better destruction,more guns,improve customization,levolution,more gadgets..

This is the BF brand that PC gamers have joined for years.Now that PS4/Xbox One can achieve 64 players alone is big news for the franchise....

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