ZTGD | Splinter Cell: Blacklist Review

Ken McKown writes: Sam Fisher and I have had a hard road together. I still remember seeing the original game and its technical prowess and being floored. Over the years though, the series has seen its ups and downs far too often. When Blacklist was announced my radar didn’t even blip. The idea of another adventure down the stealth path of frustration wasn’t all that intriguing. After spending numerous hours globetrotting around the world with the new Sam I can say that the series has never been better. Blacklist takes everything I loved about the series and refines and redefines it. This is the best Splinter Cell game I have played since Chaos Theory.

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WarThunder1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

I playing this game on the PC and imo this game does not deserve a 9.. I give it a 6 or a 7/10.

Graphics are nothing special. Repetitive gameplay and very boring story.

Story feels like this game is made for brainwashed muricans. aka "we are the heroes, rest of the world are terrorists.

starchild1728d ago

Nonsense. You are definitely not playing it on PC if you say the graphics are nothing special. This is easily one of the best looking games on the PC.

I have all the best-looking PC games like Metro Last Light, Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3, Crysis 2, Crysis 3, The Witcher 2, etc., and Splinter Cell Blacklist is up there with any of those games.

Ah, ok, I see your last sentence and now I understand why you are hating on this game; you got butthurt by the story.

The game is outstanding. It's sad that you let your own skewed world view make you so bitter.

Haules1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Butthurt or not... can't ignore the fact Splinter Cell: Blacklist has a weak story/campaign. should i say? USA fuck yeah! kind of story? meh im kind of getting bored of these kind of games maybe because most of us outside US know its the other way around.