Platinum Games Expresses Desire for Wonderful 101 Sequel

IGN: "Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya has revealed he's keen to make a sequel to The Wonderful 101, and also shared his thoughts on porting the original Bayonetta to Wii U and becoming a second-party Nintendo developer."

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millzy1021933d ago

I hope so I love this game.

ritsuka6661931d ago

I will buy his sequels with stiff rigor.

snitch_puck1933d ago

It's sad that Bayonetta has really stayed away from other major platforms. It would be fun to play the upcoming sequel but if that is the only reason for me to buy a Wii U then I guess it's not worth it. Considering that 3rd party support for it is quite low nowadays and I'm not really a fan of Mario, Pikmin, or any other nintendo exclusives except LoZ and pokemon (X & Y I would gladly purchase).

christheredhead1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Well they do have other games coming down the line like Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, new Xenoblade, Sonic Lost World, SSB, etc.

I can definitely understand not wanting to buy the system because of one game. I wouldn't recommend it either, but the Wiiu will be worth it in the long haul.

Yet, if you truly don't like any Nintendo exclusives at all, then yah, pass for sure.

edit: didn't hit disagree, just in case you were wondering.

PopRocks3591933d ago

As a Nintendo fan, I think it's fair to say your advice and assessment is right on the nail. If you don't want more than a few games at least for a console, you shouldn't get it.

Activemessiah1933d ago

Nobody buys a console for one game... what are you... a horse? I bought a Sega Saturn few years ago because I wanted to play X-men but I also decided to check out on what else was out there for it.

BullyMangler1932d ago

uhh a >> GAMER will TOTALLY buy any consoLe just for ONE game .. they are called EXCLUSIVES <

Activemessiah1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

So you're telling me there's ONE exclusive on a Nintendo console, is that right?... yeah ok. >_>

BullyMangler1931d ago

you havent had breakfast in how long?

Activemessiah1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago ) did you know about me not having breakfast? o_O

BullyMangler1930d ago

Because no breakfast = no validities.

breakfast breakfast break-fast!

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snitch_puck1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Haha it's really fine by me if someone disagrees with that comment since it really might hurt the fanboyism of other people. What you said is very true and I guess, maybe in the long haul it may be worth it. I will wait if I see other interesting games in it and, of course, I'll buy it presto if the Wii U does something really unique in the future. On the side note, I really forgot about Xenoblade. Another reason for me to contemplate I guess!

edit: this reply is for @christheredhead clicked the wrong button. *sigh* -_-

thomasmiller1933d ago

that would be awesome!! i know it is having a slow start in japan, but hopefully it will pick up, and i think it will actually do better in the US..

Adolph Fitler1933d ago

I have 2 Wii=U's, as I bought a separate one for my kids, but they don't want theres, so I will have to sell it...They prefer the Wii, as they are 4 & 7 & that big controller pad for Wii-U is just to big & unmanageable for them..
I myself, was pissed to find that Nintendo aren't going ALL out with the new Mario & Donkey Kong, they are simply giving us a 2D DD, & a 2.5D Mario....I want both of these in 3D, Mario should be making a massive splash, just like Mario64...I was dumb enough to think that Ninty might give us a truly great Mario, as opposed to a bloody 3DS sequel...I mean, they already did that with the last 2D half assed Mario on Wii-U...I have it, & It is an embarrassment considering they are trying to sell a new console with it's help.
Nintendo should scrap New Mario World 3DS Pt.4, & instead make a TRUE next gen Mario, that takes advantage of the hardware, & they should make Retro studios do exactly the same, as there current vision of DK is just a bloody cash-in, Wii in HD game, that excites nobody really.
MarioKart looks OK-ish, but common, really, who is gonna buy a Wii-U for another damn samely MarioKart, & as for Zelda.....WTF.....full on moneygrubbing cash-in of epic proportions with a HD remake of Wind Maker....Where's a sick new Zelda:OOT sequel? The only interesting games are from 2 of a handful of 3rd party studios. I hope Nintendo get things rolling better than the f^%k up that is Wii-U currently, as I only plan to have a Wii-U, PS4 combo as my 2 next gen machines, & if Ninty can't shape up, I may just sell both my Wii-U's to buy more PS4 games.

Korde111932d ago

Well hitler, your kids must be a couple of pussies because my 3 year old nephew can manage the controller. Such a fucking Sony fanboy. Like we could not tell fuck head!

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