Platinum Games Interested In Becoming Second-Party Nintendo Studio

There's a good chance we'll be seeing more Wii U games from the team behind The Wonderful 101, as Platinum Games designer Hideki Kamiya has expressed interest in not only creating more titles for Nintendo, but also becoming a second-party developer.

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vishmarx1448d ago

god help us all...
no mgr 2
nintendo , why the hell wont you understand ?
buying out devs isnt the way people want 3rd party games on the wii u

acharlez1448d ago

Oh there will still be a Metal Gear Rising 2...

It'll just be a Wii U-exclusive!

mt1448d ago

can't happen unless they have Konami approve. I don't think Konami would approve it.

N4g_null1448d ago

Ahhhhh yes more vanquish would be great! Rising with more fighting and gamepad or motion plus support would be great... I mean if blackops can do motion aiming right why not eeveryone else?

3-4-51448d ago

@MT - Konami will approve if they get an exclusive game deal with Nintendo though.

nick3091448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

It is actually.... Me and 2 of my friends want the wii u when sonic lost world and bayonetta 2 will launch. Besides theres some good exclusives on there too, regardless.
I plan on owning all 3 next gen consoles by next year.. Need to save money xD

acharlez1448d ago

Things are turning around for the Wii U!

I'd love to see what Platinum could do with even more support from Nintendo. After all, they're one of the few studios actually exploring GamePad functionality.

dark-hollow1448d ago

I think they are the prefect developers for Nintendo to buy.

They have everything that Nintendo first party developers lack.

-Foxtrot1448d ago

Well if that's the case their games would be selling on the console....sadly they aren't

Wonderful 101 kind of failed and I expect no better for Bayonetta 2

_QQ_1448d ago

how has w101 failed if it hasn't even been released in NA?

mudmax1448d ago

Y'all need to stop with the wonderful 101 failed crap. Not only has it not released in NA, but it released in japan two days before those numbers came out, so its only two days worth of sales. At least give it a week of sales before saying fail. Besides everyone knows these kinda games on a Nintendo console typically have legs.

Concertoine1448d ago

Yeah, madworld was a game that seemed like it would sell well in japan, but it flopped there and sold 700,000 everywhere else. No more heroes also flopped in japan and made its money in america.
So even though w101 seemed perfect for japan and sold bad, its not too late for the game.

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Thepcz1448d ago

mgr 2 will be wiiu exclusive.

and dont think konami wont allow it, remember nintendo secured the brilliant remake of metal gear solid exclusively for gamecube.

remember snake was in smash bros. nintendo have a great relationship with konami.

this will be a great move for nintendo

ZombieGamerMan1448d ago

First off that was a very different time and secondly Konomi wouldn't make any money at all for WiiU exclusivity.

Konomi will not allow it, the Metal Gear series will never EVER be exclusive again.

vishmarx1448d ago

konami's all future developments are on fox wii u support(not a bad hardware...but its not been made keep wii u framework in no spport)
2.kojima wont let his beloved franchise be butchered just for the sake of nintendo fanboy bragging rights

falcon971448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Listen guys this is proof any developer that works with Nintendo loves them and their superior experience in game development.....Please Nintendo take these guys under your wings... this happened to Moonlith and look how good they are now,in other words Platinum will be better developers for it.

ZombieGamerMan1448d ago

Waw that was so damn moronic, Nintendo doesn't have superior experience in game development since they just release the same franchise games over and over.

If Nintendo takes them in than Platinum Games would die, the WiiU is dying.

ritsuka6661448d ago

I just hope Nintendo continues its partnership with Platinum Games.I hope nintendo put more money to help other developers like Platinum Games to get their "niche and beautiful" ideas become reality.

Chrischi19881448d ago

why do u care? How do u know how people want 3rd party games? Frustrated, that these games wont come to other consoles?

donman11448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Why do I feel Nintendo is going to sleep on this opportunity. Its a known fact that Nintendo is not getting support from key 3rd party developers like they did back in the late 80s and early 90s.Plus outside of Retro Studios, Nintendo 1st and 2nd party developers lack the skill set to create large robust franchises.

Nintendo needs to jump on this now and I strongly feel they need to acquire (or try to) Slightly Mad Studios.

Benjaminkno1448d ago

Nintendo knows how to work with other developers, unlike their competitors.

JuleyJules1447d ago

Hope it happens! I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time a developer becomes 2nd party. In this case though it sounds like it's Platinum who wants it not Nintendo searching it out!

kirbyu1447d ago

Couldn't MGR2 just get a different developer?

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j-blaze1448d ago

one of the best devs in the industry. i think Nintendo should seriously consider buying Platinum Games!

acharlez1448d ago

Imagine if they bought both Platinum and Atlus.

They'd sell a lot more Wii Us for sure.

vishmarx1448d ago

do you guys own nintendo stocks?

_QQ_1448d ago

I do :D buy them nintendo.

Donnieboi1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Atlus just announced that they're publishing a ps3 fighting game (aquaPazza I think it's called) and just cut another publishing deal to publish some pc game. So for them to make these kinds of multiplatform deals this close to them announcing their buyer, makes it obvious that Nintendo didn't buy them.

With Index about to disclose who it's new buyer is (in a few days), it is clear that Atlus's recently disclosed publishing deals (these deals were made just a few days ago) would be reflective of that.

TripC501447d ago

For a person with only three bubbles, you sure do know how to use them well...not

Roccetarius1448d ago

If Nintendo ever buys Platinum Games, then that just killed the fast paced action combat for gaming.

_QQ_1448d ago

no it wouldn't,it would be on nintendo.

Roccetarius1448d ago

If Wonderful 101 is anything to go by, it would be financial suicide for Platinum Games.