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Submitted by Prcko 891d ago | news

Lionhead: Xbox One U-turns show that Microsoft isn't "aloof and removed" from gamers

"The fact that Microsoft changed its Xbox One online policy within a week - is that a bad thing?" (Lionhead Studios, Xbox One)

nick309  +   891d ago
I dont feel bad about the u turn, i felt bad when they even placed all these restrictions in the first place.
MariaHelFutura  +   891d ago | Well said
Phil Spencer from 6 days ago.

MS saw they were getting owned by the PS4 everywhere including Murica and got scurred. The only thing left to do is remove the camera and rename the Xbox One to the Xstation.

"The fact that Microsoft changed its Xbox One online policy within a week - is that a bad thing?"

No it shows they're "aloof and removed", not confident, lack direction and vision.

***Plus if MS cared, after the Adam Orth situation, they would have changed it then. But didn't and instead decided to treat you like an inmate.***
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sincitysir1  +   891d ago
Did he use aloof? Anyone what was that movie/show where the guy got offended because the other person told him to be more aloof! It's on the tip of my tongue!
PeaSFor  +   891d ago
"Xbox One U-turns show that Microsoft isn't "aloof and removed" from gamers"

nope, simply showed that MS was totally fuckd and scared with the majority of gamer reactions, nothing more.

they had their back to the wall and had to do something of fail in a very miserable way.

peoples working for MS can twist it like they want, ...but it wont change the WELL KNOWN reality.
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Cloudyday71  +   891d ago
The problem is Microsoft is making reactionary business choices in response to what their competitors are doing. The original Wii was a success so they added Avatars, PS4 hardcore gamers don't want them so MS take them out.

After Christmas retailers will reveal the disparity between PS4 and Xbox One sales. Let me give Microsoft a bit of business advice. They should remove the Kinect camera from the box. Reduce the price to $399/€399/£349 and call it the Xbox 4.

Actually they should call it the Xbox 5. Calling it the One is stupid because it is a powerful console but it sounds like it is three generations behind the PS4.
NewMonday  +   891d ago
the decline of Fable is one of the reasons they lost credit with fans, I actually want Molyneux back.

they are doing to Lionhead what they did to Rare, now we know the source of the problem.
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TheBrit  +   891d ago
Who said they are taking avatars out because the PS4 does not have them??

"IGN - Are Xbox 360 Avatars transferring over? If so will any changes be made to them?

MARC WHITTEN, CHIEF XBOX ONE PLATFORM ARCHITECT: They are – your avatar will be on the system at launch and in fact, you’ll have some new options, including the ability to do full-body HD gamerpics. By the way, we should actually talk more about gamerpics too. We’ve moved from the 64x64 gamerpics on Xbox 360 to a full 1080p. They are beautiful, and you are going to see some really cool hero moments, like when you login to see personalized views of your games and other content."
KAEM7  +   891d ago
If anything the 180's show that Microsoft initially had a very different plan, and due to pressure from the public, media and competition they adjusted. If it is a good thing I don't really know yet.

I do think we, the gamers, will get screwed big time the day Microsoft gets a monopoly on the console market. I don't think it will ever happen and thank G... Sony for that.
Mr Pumblechook  +   891d ago
U-turns ARE a problem.
It means Microsoft are making decisions that are so bad, so out of touch with what the public want that they risk losing the majority of their customers. After public outcry, to prevent this they are reversing their bad decisions, which is good, however they should not be making so many bad decisions in the first place. It means the vision they have, the direction of how they want the business to be is not in line with what customers want.
Mounce  +   891d ago
I would never go so far as all of these very random handful of PR and developers or analysts who try to cushion Microsofts fall on their ass, they have to tumble from time to time but why is it people are trying to compliment or praise how Microsoft MAJORLY Fucked up and simply because they're reversing the policies, everyones like. "GOOD JOB MICROSOFT, THAT TOOK SKILL! THIS SHOWS YOU CARE!" I the only one who sees this as completely idiotic?...By all means yes, This is the best thing for them to do but they shot themselves in the foot, we're not here to bandage their wounds, they tried and made a huge fuck up on their own will and own Desire, their own motives to fuck consumers over, there is no Icing or sparkles and sweetness behind their original policies, only greed. THAT Exact Greed, does not just simply wash away, nor is them reversing it a sign of good faith in the company as a whole, it is the BEST move.....but why the hell people are using the fact that they are doing Very very small things to edit HUGE fuck ups and everyones like "GOOD JOB, WE KNOW YOU DIDN'T MEAN IT!" or "This is proof that since they fucked up, but then changed it, the change means they're competent and dependable! You should trust them again" kind of bullshit. Microsoft is still aloof and 'removed' from Gamers until they stop treating them customers like garbage. The strongest reason they're reversing this isn't FOR gamers, but because the path they chose wasn't going to get them as much MONEY, reversed for money, reversed because damage control of what could have given them a massive drop in stock and their investors would bitch and their credibility would plummet for a good while. They had really no choice but to listen to the storm of complaints, but that is all. I will never even begin to assume it was 'Gamer Power' or Whiner power, the original policy was conceived for greed and money and it was changed to redact and ensure the best path saves and lets them get more money.
aiBreeze  +   891d ago
Isn't it the opposite? The fact they implemented them in the first place shows how aloof and removed they really were. The U-Turn was just a sign of how much they were sweating. It took them long enough to do it also.
malokevi  +   891d ago
If you've got hang ups on MS, that's alright...

Personally, I'm not even remotely concerned about something that never came to fruition. The console is still 2 months from launch... seems fine, to me.

no effect on my ability to play and enjoy the games I love. Not that I cared at all in the first place.
Smurf1  +   891d ago
They did the u-turns because of low preorder ratio not because they care about what gamers think. They would have pushed all the DRM and other policies if the PS4 didn't do so well.
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Baka-akaB  +   891d ago
Well both are tied anyway , so in the end , even if unwillingly and tied to money , they bowed to gamers demands
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Eddie20101  +   891d ago
Not tied at all as far as pre-orders go. PS4 has nearly double the pre-orders the Xbox One has and that's just in the U.S. Proving there's still lots of mistrust and uncertainty towards Microsoft.
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Baka-akaB  +   891d ago
I wasnt talking about that . I'm saying that the u turns are tied to both the low ratio of pre orders and what gamers think ... since they'd be the one pruchasing the console anyway
DonFreezer   891d ago | Spam
FRAKISTAN  +   891d ago
Yahh right, microsft single handely almost destroyed gaming,if it weren;'t for Sony we would have seen that awful DRM and singign in eveyday and mandatory kinect.
mcstorm  +   891d ago
Lol you lot really have crap memory's. If it was not for MS pushing xbox live you would not have PSN the way it is today. I mean look at PSN at the Start of the PS3 days. Also your lineup of games on the PS4 would not be as strong as they are today if it was not for the 360 giving sony a run for its money with the PS3.

The PS4 would not be as low cost as it is now if it was not for ms making a lower cost console last gen.

If it was not for Nintendo deciding to pull out of using a CD system you would not have the Playstation brand.

No company is perfect they have all made mistakes and always will as they are all run by people and people will always make a mistake but its what they do after that mistake that matter.

MS heard the majority say they did not want DRM so they removed it the same with the 24 hour check in system so by doing this they gave the customers what they asked for. The people who are asking for Kinect to be removed from the xbox one are not people who wanted a xbox one to start with just like you were never going to get a xbox one or even a WiiU.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   891d ago
I love how you deflect his accusation with little tidbits from last gen.

Fact is, MS pulled this DRM stun pre-E3.Everyone flipped the hell out.They didn't do anything they told people to #dealwithit

E3 came, and they told people "buy a 360 if you want to play offline"

It wasn't until sony actually addressed the issue head on and humiliated MS that they flipped the switch.It had nothing to do with MS caring for it's customers.It was only to save what little good public image they had left.

Delusional people like you mcstorm, are the reason they pull this stunt in the first place.Such blind loyalty makes them think they can get away with things.
mcstorm  +   891d ago
Dayz did you even read what I put? Also saying im Delusional you don't even know me. I was one of the people who did not care about the drm or 24 hour check in because I never play any of my consoles off line and saw the advantages of the drm but im not bothered now its gone to.

You Sony fan boys have been going on and on how that Sony will never charge for online gaming and yet now they will be with the pa4 its all ok?

Its people like you that give this site its crap rep. I am buying a ps4 and I will also own a Xbox one and I already own a Wiiu as they all offer me games and services I want to use so I don't site on a side. None of the consoles are perfect and none will ever be but as long as they keep giving me games I want to buy ill buy the consoles.
IcicleTrepan  +   891d ago
'single handely almost destroyed gaming'

How exactly?
NateCole  +   891d ago
But they are still assholes for trying it the first place.
Game-o-holic  +   891d ago
...they had their back against the wall and instead of losing market share they did a u-turn. That's why Microsoft changed, not the "what's good for the gamer" nonsense.
IcicleTrepan  +   891d ago
Aren't they one in the same?
Eddie20101  +   891d ago
The reason is not.
TheDarpaChief  +   891d ago
Oh how reassuring a microsoft exclusive studio saying positive things about their employer. Bungie walking away was more than enough of a message for me.
nick309  +   891d ago
Insomniac also went away.
TheDarpaChief  +   891d ago
Bungie made microsoft what it is today with halo, ratchet and clank can be done by others as we are seeing with into the nexus. Halo by bungie is irreplacable as seen with halo 4. insomniac has really fallen off as of late anyway. Bungie is to microsoft what naughty dog is to sony. Now sony has both
baldulf  +   891d ago
It was doing an u turn or eat the dust.

What does Microsoft expect, a pat on the back after trying to screw the consumers?
IcicleTrepan  +   891d ago
again.. how were they trying to 'screw the consumer'? That's only possible in a market that has zero competition.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   891d ago
Making your physical copies of purchased games useless unless you purchased Xbl and were connected to the internet is nothing but further screwing the consumer.As if having everything locked behind the xbl paywall isn't bad enough, they would of held your games random for xbl essentially.

How you don't see that being bad is just incredible.
obelix01  +   891d ago
Sony had the exact same policies in play. They were not vocal about it & waited for Microsoft to drop the ball to see the reaction. Sony isn't the Messiah of gaming fanboys make it out to be. They would have done the exact "180" had they had those same horrible policies in place. Microsoft did the right thing by doing their "180".
Kayant  +   891d ago
One when PS4 is announced at the reveal and through all the interviews at the time it was confirmed that the PS4 could be played offline and a near constant connection was not needed and used games would work (The way it was worded at the time was a bit funny). So how they could have the same level of DRM you say they had is beyond me. The only type of DRM that would work is online passes which they confirmed by saying they are leaving it up to publishers.
chamber  +   891d ago
Any proof of that?
ravinash  +   891d ago
If Sony had such plans, then pushing them at the same time as MS would have been the perfect timing so customers would have no choice but to go a long with it.
But the fact of the matter is, Sony was listening to what MS was saying and what the customers were responding. Policy or not, Sony went the right way and did not apply DRM and in doing so basically handed MS's ass to them.
Christopher  +   891d ago
You have zero proof to your statement.

Sony stated from the get-go that DRM would be like now, where the publishers would have control on that. They also stated that no exclusive games would utilize DRM or online passes.

I do agree, it is great that Microsoft has adjusted their DRM stance. I worry about what they were thinking at first, but the fact they listened eventually tells me that they care about what gamers want on some level and not just about their ideal future of the gaming business.
robleroy  +   891d ago
He means MS is not aloof an removed from pre-order numbers...
IcicleTrepan  +   891d ago
What's the difference between preorder numbers and what gamers want? Don't they reflect the same thing? Man you people will twist words any way you can imagine to prove an idiotic point that doesn't even exist.
Kayant  +   891d ago
By that logic then Sony must be completely out of touch with consumers and gamers since they have yet to reverse any of their policies /s
-Gespenst-  +   891d ago
What? It shows that they ARE those things. They clearly only did it to secure profits.
christocolus  +   891d ago
i agree with this guy....nice work ms.

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