Uncharted: Nathan Drake Premium Figure Coming Next Month

The hero of the Uncharted saga comes to life in a new 1:4 scale premium figurine with the ‘Sideshow Collectibles Nathan Drake Premium Format Figure.’ Available from next month, this new figurine would make a fantastic addition to anyone’s Uncharted collection, but comes with a hefty price tag.

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MultiConsoleGamer1935d ago

Do want!

Sideshow makes some great stuff.

Rimeskeem1934d ago

Ok pretty cool but can we just have the next Naughty Dog game

charted1934d ago

Not " just have the next Naughty Dog game"

But can we have the next Uncharted game.

Rimeskeem1933d ago

i wouldnt mind a new amazing IP from them but yes uncharted would be nice

Soldierone1934d ago

Geez, it almost cost the same as a PS4.....

Kyanu1934d ago

indeed, their collectibles are just too expensive. I always wonder how people can have their houses full of these figures.

...still want one! :)

Misaka_x_Touma1934d ago

get them from the actual companies who owns the characters rather than the people who make the figures.

Soldierone1933d ago

I always buy them at a bargain, then keep them till they raise in price again. I never sell them, but I don't pay top dollar for them either. It's awesome having figures worth hundreds, and you just display it proudly lol

andibandit1934d ago

All their figures are quite expensive...bronze statue of Boba Fett......5K+

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