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Submitted by jtorry 891d ago | news

Official PS4 console bundles are on the way, Sony confirms

A PS4 console bundle featuring Killzone Shadow Fall, a second Dual Shock 4 controller and the PlayStation Camera has been spotted on Amazon France.

The bundle is priced EUR 499,99, which equates to around £430.

This could be the first of several bundles Sony has planned, the platform holder has told (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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abc1233  +   891d ago | Well said
Sony's way of saying we'll chuck in an extra controller and game (not just for launch pre-orders) for the same price as an X1
MasterCornholio  +   891d ago
Don't forget about the camera.

Motorola RAZR i
Septic  +   891d ago
Yeah what a great bundle. The beauty of competition eh?
abc1233  +   891d ago
Well the X1 includes the kinect so didn't think it would be fair
NateCole  +   891d ago
Would have prefer another game though.
RyuCloudStrife  +   890d ago
Sony is BEAST can't wait for the bundle in the states!!
skept3k  +   890d ago
@ NateCole, you do get extra games, it's on PSN Plus!
Narutone66  +   890d ago
I hope Sony would do a bundle which will include the PS Vita.
darthv72  +   890d ago
This is a really nice bundle. Having it come with the camera is especially nice and the 2nd controller is a welcome addition but the odd part is they give you a game that doesnt support split screen.

go figure...still a nice bundle though and it is the first of several to come.
zeee  +   890d ago
This bundle looks good but I am still hoping for a $499 PS4 and Vita bundle. Very unlikely but who knows!? I mean, it COULD happen, right?
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FamilyGuy  +   891d ago
They show the case on the box so I hope it's a physical copy of Shadow fall. I like physical copies of AAA games but I definitely (and unfortunately) see digital versions of games being bundled as a possible trend. Though I'm okay buying those digital indie titles cuz they don't take up much HDD space.

Part of what didn't impress me about MS giving out Fifa was that it was digital. What if you don't want Fifa, how can you sell or trade in a digital copy?

The extra controller is nice, knowing which launch games will have local co-op would be nice too though. Some people might prefer just to have 2 games and one controller or three games and no 2nd controller or camera.
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sentury111  +   891d ago
you can sell the redemption code.
SnotyTheRocket  +   891d ago
Well, it's usually a physical copy, isn't it? I got Uncharted and ModNation Racers in a bundle, when my phat PS3 finally died.
FamilyGuy  +   890d ago
@ Death below me

You have a huge assumption that Sony would get rid of their $399 SKU for this one but they constantly and consistently promote "choice". This bundle has a camera, that "choice" alone means it could never faze out the $399 SKU. Their camera is OPTIONAL so there will ALWAYS be a SKU that doesn't include the camera.

On top of that you think MS is being generous for giving out a limited offer of Fifa when really they only did it because they were scared of Sonys console completely dominating them.
What's generous about charging $20-$25 for a play & charge kit?
What's generous about having free internet apps behind the XBLG pay wall?
What's generous about having free-2-play game behind the XBLG pay wall?
What's generous about charging $499 for a lower tech, less costly hardware than the $399 PS4?
What's generous about charging $60 for XBLG and still having ads on it?
What's generous about them taking away the 10 family member share plan for digital titles?

I can't believe there's someone complaining about an OPTIONAL SKU that saves you money. Even if the second controller wasn't thrown in you'd still be saving $20 on this $499 bundle yet Sony went above and Beyond an we still have blind fanboys complaining.
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5eriously  +   890d ago
@ Death. Thank gawd you bubbles are all wasted. No more trolling possible in this article. But all I wanted to ask but you cannot respond is WHY was it Ok for M$ to sell an eXBox360 minimal SKU with no hard drive thus practically cheap and worthless until you buy more "accessories" and purchase Live? Huh, M$ did it to gain market share knowing they fooled everyone that will be forced to upgrade anyway if they want to use the console for anything worthwhile but, a big but, you set your mouth off about the standard PS4 SKU that is fully functional for most games and media features? There are going to be M$ bundles too more expensive than the current already over inflated eXBone launch price.

Is it not so strange that someone can make such a fool out of himself and do not even realise it?
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Delive  +   890d ago
Finally, Death ran out of bubbles.
Death   891d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(19)
JoGam  +   891d ago
Hope they do this for the US and soon. I preordered the killzone bundle with a year of plus for the same price. I rather have the KZSF bundled with extra controller and camera.
Transporter47  +   890d ago
I know wish I could pre order this instead
Shane Kim  +   890d ago
Same here, I don't want any damn cameras on my console. If I wanted it, I would buy it. Give us another game insted!
Pliskin-ecu  +   890d ago
Sell the camera and buy another game, simple. Or sell the camera and extra controller and buy two games ! Be creative !
zeee  +   890d ago
I think there will be a supply shortage of extra controllers if not PS Eye so I say that's a good option. If you can get your hands on an extra controller from a bundle and if you don't really need it, I am sure you'll find a number of buyers waiting in line 'round launch window.
H0TSHELLZ  +   890d ago
I wonder if this is a "Black Friday" Bundle or Launch Day. If not can you imagine the random in store bundles that will be @ bestbuy, target, or walmart
Lboogieskells  +   890d ago
I bought all this stuff seperate, I'm a lil mad the bundle were not nannounced earlier.
Spitfire_Riggz  +   890d ago
I hope the rumors are true about the vita ps4 bundle for 500 bucks. I would be all over that
ion666  +   890d ago
this is exactly what i've been waiting for,Killzone will be the game to get. Has anyone seen the as
BoriboyShoGUN  +   890d ago
Dam i want that Bundle!!!!
As of right now I have all those items preordered seperately!
Fergusonxplainsall  +   890d ago
What a awesome bundle. In all this will save people money. This makes Killzone SF $49.99, DS4 controller $49.99 and the camera for free.:Plus tax.

Total savings $80. Whoa very sweet deal.

Regular price would be $579.99 for everything in this bundle. WOW! All for $499.99..Drools:}
come_bom  +   890d ago
I wouldn't mind a PS4/Vita bundle for 500€.
trancefreak  +   890d ago
Nice By this time I will be ready to have my second PS4. I will take my remote play to the little boys room to keep my game on. Non Stop Action anywhere in my house Yeah.
Khajiit86  +   890d ago

That would be the best deal in gaming because of remote play. Still getting a vita
Playstaion  +   890d ago
This has definitely made my day .
clearelite  +   889d ago
Haha, I think I used to use that doofy blue bird as my PSN avatar.

Btw, all this PS4 news is very exciting.
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younglj01  +   891d ago
wow 2 controllers,KZ:SF,PS camera for only $499.99 that would be an nail in Xbox One coffin in the UK....
fooltheman  +   891d ago
Now I now, why Microsoft wanted to add Fifa 13 to bundles....

If you saw two bundles priced the same, but one with a game and one without... You would choose the one with a game...
SuperLupe  +   891d ago
We're talking about EU overhere ... Killzone VS Fifa is like and ant (Killzone) going up against an elephant (FIFA) KZ bundeled with the machine wont be a threat whatsover.

The interesting part of the bundle is that it comes with an extra controller for the same price as The Xbox + Fifa + Kinect. Thats where Sony may have an advantage.
plmkoh  +   891d ago
You act as if you can't just march into the store next door and trade in Killzone if you don't fancy it.
HammadTheBeast  +   890d ago
Limited EU pre.orders get Fifa free. 90% of the casuals who play Fifa only in EU will not pre order.

Nicaragua  +   890d ago
If playing fifa is the deal breaker you think it is then people will just buy the cheaper ps4 and a copy of fifa.
trancefreak  +   890d ago
Oh Please; what kind of analogy is that. Killzone Rocks no matter what continent or planet you live on.
xhi4  +   891d ago
It just keeps getting better and better.
GoldPunch-TR  +   891d ago
Price is very good!

If you want to get seperate:

Killzone SF - 60 dollars
Camera - 60 dollars
Dualshock 4 - 60 dollars

Total - 180 dollars.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   890d ago
i think the camera is like $45
ziggurcat  +   890d ago
the camera is actually $60.
greedybear88  +   891d ago
Great bundle
NateCole  +   891d ago
Dam you Sony. Already have mine paid full including KZ:SF :(
Aghashie  +   890d ago
Yea, same here.

Anyway, I talked to my local Game Stop (where I pre order my PS4 and stuff)and they said that if the bundle sku ever appear on the computer inventory, I can switch my fully paid pre order for the new bundle and use the extra credit for something else... like another game perhaps.

So, it is not that bad after all.
Fergusonxplainsall  +   890d ago
Your money isn't set in stone bro .You can do what you want with that pre-order cash.

Now we just wait for a bundle in the states. I would like options like a regular system with your choice of great things like a vita or the camera, DS4 and game bundle. No bundle boxes needed, just whats out on shelves thrown in a at set bundle price. :D
pyramidshead  +   891d ago
listenkids  +   891d ago
They should do a bundle with Fifa, for humility sake, seeing 2 consoles being the same price, offering the same games, but one has an extra pad for that said game? ding ding ding.
Kayant  +   891d ago
Don't think they can with most things EA with the unprecedented partnership they have with MS. Good point though.
DJMarty  +   891d ago
@listenkids - Why? FOOTIE SUCKS

I for one would'nt BUY it.
listenkids  +   891d ago
It's all options, I never said replace the existing bundle.
pyramidshead  +   891d ago
that would be hilarious if they did that but nah doubtful in that happening.
iamnsuperman  +   891d ago
That would kill the excitment for the Xbox One's bundle deal as the PS4 bundle would come with two controllers (important thing for FIFA owners). But I don't think they could since EA and Microsoft have a deal
FamilyGuy  +   891d ago
Killzone > Fifa

First of all it cost Sony a lot less to bundle their own titles.
Second, a title from Sonys first party studio is going to be way more advanced and making use of the hardware than a multiplatform game.

Killzone is perfect to show off the system and they keep mentioning how the controller is better for FPSs now so this will be a great way to showcase its improvements.
thrust  +   891d ago
Until they show me how much they have improved psn and online gaming am not interested, that's why am waiting till next year for my ps4 purchase.
G20WLY  +   891d ago
MS and Sony will both have made changes to online gaming aspects of their machines; either one (or both) could be amazing OR have problems due to new approaches taken.

You're either cautious, or you're not...

What I will say is that the Killzone demo at GC was a huge leap towards seamless online gaming. What is it, precisely, that you need to see?
BoriboyShoGUN  +   890d ago
It still depends on the individual games! They can supe up their networks all they like but if the developers make a shitty unstable multi-player its going to suck regardless!!!
DigitalRaptor  +   890d ago
"Live from PlayStation" allows you to view a stream of what your friends are playing and then jump into their game within 5 seconds.

It has all the applauded features and consistency of the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and much more, with most of said features not being behind a paywall. It has the structure and policies in place to support massive free-to-play online games.

It supports instant playing, so you can play games as they're downloading. You can choose to download the single player or multiplayer part of the game in the order you want, or not at all.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. PS4's network and its features are leaps and bounds beyond what last gen had to offer for any console. There is no question about this IF you've done your research.
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lazyboyblue  +   891d ago
Wonder if Amazon will let me swap my preorder to on of these?
NateCole  +   891d ago
Yeah i hope i can switch as well. However if it does not guarantee launch day delivery then no thanks.
sincitysir1  +   891d ago
Well I hope they make the bundle happen sooner rather than later so I can jump on it! If anything I can see GameStop doing like an addon for the same price! It's still a Sony bundle just not all in one box!
Kydawg  +   890d ago
I have an amazon PS4 launch preorder but heck, if I could get KZ, the camera, and an extra controller for only $100 more? I would wait an extra week or too after launch for that PS4 bundle, oh fo sho!
nevin1  +   891d ago
Also isn't the PS4 more powerful than X1?
JunioRS101  +   891d ago
NateCole  +   891d ago
It's pretty much established now. However power in not everything. Talent is just as if not more important so

Sony 1st Party + PS4 Power = Mind Blown
clearelite  +   890d ago
Well said Nate Cole!
Agent_hitman  +   891d ago
Great!, gamers FTW!.. Thanks to sony
gazgriff2k12  +   891d ago
Majin-vegeta  +   890d ago
There's already one or are you talking about like this but just replacing Killzone with BF4?
gazgriff2k12  +   890d ago
yeah replace killzone with battlefield.
i think killzone and infamous will be on ps+ IGC at some point
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jcnba28  +   891d ago
Damn I already preordered a PS4 with Killzone..might cancel it and get this instead.
#14 (Edited 891d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
cedaridge  +   890d ago
Don't do it! See if your store could make your ps4 into a bundle. The only thing a bundle will do is slash the price of the accesories. By cancelling you will drop to the bottom of their pre order list.
#14.1 (Edited 890d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
jcnba28  +   890d ago
Good point.
extermin8or  +   891d ago
Ffs places better allow you to swap to this bundle as long as stock lasts and not miss out on your place in the preorder queue?:/ I think they did this with vita soo... hopefully.
Quicktopick  +   891d ago
yeah u better wait then lol
extermin8or  +   891d ago
Well I preordered from amazon in june im guaranteed mine kn release date thabkfully I foresaw this situation and put down 20 quid refundable deposit at ASDA haha so worst case I'll cancel amazon and go with asda :) still...
shadow18spirit  +   891d ago
ps4 + vita bundle pleaaase !
kenshiro100  +   890d ago
beepbopadoobop  +   891d ago
I really hope some good bundles come to the UK, I would really like to try this PSeye but I know if I dont buy a bundle with it in the box i'll never get around to buying it seperatley. Plus its great value for money.

Throw a vita in too as some super premium bundle and ill be a happy chappy!
RTheRebel  +   891d ago
I'll wait for Destiny PS4 bundlge =)
CocoWolfie  +   891d ago
ps4 £349.99 controller £54.99 killzone £44.00 camera £54.99
so it terms of pounds thats £503.98

xbox one on amazon is £429 so this pretty much being £430 is a great steal :')
#19 (Edited 891d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TheGreatGamer  +   891d ago
An extra controller, killzone and the ps eye and all for the same price as xbox one! That's a killer bundle
MultiConsoleGamer  +   891d ago
Pack-In Game = Awesome!
Extra Controller = Yes, please.
PS Camera = No thank you.

Still a great value, just like the PS4 itself.
The_BoZZ1991  +   891d ago
That would be very nice, although I would prefer a bundle without PS Camera. My favorite bundle would be PS4 + 2nd Dual Shock 4 + Watch Dogs or Killzone: Shadow Fall.
naBs  +   891d ago
Only thing is...I want my Magma Red DS4 xD
Quicktopick  +   891d ago
i like the blue 1. Hoping their will be a PS4 White... yum yum
Iltapalanyymi  +   891d ago
holy shit i would be so happy if i could get my Gta v and PS4 a few days earlier!
etownone  +   891d ago
I'm getting an Xbox One...

But I gotta admit, Sony... This bundle is really really impressive.

It's so good, if you have preordained the 399 ps4.... You should upgrade to this bundle.
deafdani  +   890d ago
You compliment Sony, yet you receive disagrees just because you said you're getting an Xbox One. God, this community sucks.
#25.1 (Edited 890d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
etownone  +   890d ago
This is N4G.... What could you expect. They read my first line, and that was it.
DFray919  +   891d ago
Man I want this bundle! I want to cancel my ps4 preorder and get this bundle. Will it come to the US!
WeAreLegion  +   891d ago
Release a $449.99 bundle with FIFA in Europe. That would totally undermine the launch edition bundle of the XBO.
christocolus  +   890d ago
They would need to include the camera too to properly undermine the xbox one at that price...
AceBlazer13  +   890d ago
No, it would show that people could care less about these cameras.
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   891d ago
if i had nuts, i'd glady give them away for a ps4 o3o lolz XP
strigoi814  +   891d ago
If sony just made a bundle of knack or (PS+) with killzone, and extra controller...that would actually be an awesome box
AceBlazer13  +   890d ago
I wonder which a gamer would pick an extra controller or Kinect? Funny thing is sony could have just throwed in the game and extra controller without the camera and people would have still bought it over the Xbox one.
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