Battlefield 4 Xbox One: DICE sees "potential" in Titanfall-style cloud AI

DICE creative director Lars Gustavsson sees the potential in XboxOne's Titanfall-style Cloud AI, but has stayed away for now based on player feedback.

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iamnsuperman1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I am confused by this entire article. All I am seeing is just he doesn't want AI in multiplayer battlefield not specifically cloud powered AI. He seems to have dodged the question

Lawking1001937d ago

This exactly. Very strange.

theWB271937d ago

How...the question was asked by the editor about cloud powered AI. DICE stated they would include it if player feedback warranted it, but as of now they have no plans for it.

His whole answer was under the umbrella(question) of cloud powered AI..I don't think he needed to say "cloud powered AI" every time since it was still under that line of questioning.

Stsonic1937d ago

Developers have to tread very lightly when it comes to anything Microsoft are trying to promote considering that they are making games for two of there platforms.

DragonKnight1937d ago

Microsoft doesn't have 2 platforms. It has Xbox. PC is not their platform if that's what you meant.

n4rc1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

No offence personally.. But that's got to be the most hilariously untrue statement I've seen in awhile...

That PC of yours.... What OS you running?

PCs ARE a Microsoft platform...

Welcome2Die1937d ago


So if my Sony Vaio laptop which runs Vista (Yes its old) Does that mean my SONY laptop is a Microsoft platform? No.

Microsoft runs an operating system not computers, just because they pretty much monopolized PC's it doesnt mean that the platform belongs to them like the Xbox platform does.

n4rc1937d ago

That's not the point at all...

Buy a HTC phone.. Or Samsung or any number of phones.. They all run android os..

They are part of thr android platform...

If you want to tell me your gaming on a mac or linux.. Then ill say fair point... But if you are on a windows device, you are using microsofts platform..

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B-radical1937d ago

Remember the good old days of playing bf2 with bots on Multiplayer maps those were the days :')

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1937d ago

Remeber when you could carry like 8 guns in some shooters! Then they started making shooters for controllers and invented quick knifing and less guns for the small amount of buttons..

GameCents1937d ago

You can still do that on BF3 and BF4, only now we prefer the term xbots XD

DragonKnight1937d ago

@shutUpAndTakeMyMoney: Ummm, Borderlands? Halo started the 2 gun carry limit but it wasn't adopted by every shooter.

mark134uk1937d ago

they need to sort out 1080p 60fps first,they cant blame the consoles there more than capable

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JackOfAllBlades1937d ago


Aggesan1937d ago

Cloud AI, used in just about every multiplayer game with dedicated servers and NPC's since forever.

Aggesan1937d ago

Just about every MMO made, hell even the stand alone release of DayZ uses AI handled by the server.

DragonKnight1937d ago

@Aggesan: GameCents is an XB1 fanboy and he's trolling you. Don't feed him.

GameCents1937d ago

Thank you Aggesan, some of us really don't know anything about all this cloud, SoC and huMA business even though we pretend to.

Suck rope DragonKnight, you are the last person who should be talking about fanboyism.

Cherchez La Ghost1937d ago

I think it's about the gamer's broadband connection at the end of the day. Everyone does not have the same speed.

B-radical1937d ago

Xbox magazine misspelled frostbite noobs

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