Blizzard’s Return To Consoles Is A Smashing Success

Game Informer Reviews the console version of Diablo 3.

"The console version of Diablo III is different from the PC version, and some diehard fans will denounce it for that reason alone. For me, however, it’s different in all the right ways. With an engaging new control scheme, fewer online hurdles, and all the depth of the original, taking on Diablo’s legion of demon lords has never been more enjoyable."

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xYLeinen1909d ago

Not surprised.. Think this will be the Diablo people wanted with the new "Loot 2.0 update" and no AH. It will be possible to value your drops, and trade with friends along with keeping the challenge for inferno..

philfogg1909d ago

Gotta say, I was sceptical. But if anyone can make it work it's Blizzard. They just basically through away their latest MMO because it was not up to their standards, so it is not like they were going to put out an inferior port.

Perjoss1909d ago

It's not the first time they scrapped a project that was well under way just because they weren't happy with how it was going. Most companies would just apply bandages and then spend a crapload on marketing and hope for the best.

I do think Diablo3 on PC was not quite up to the usual Blizzard standards, and the direction that WoW is going is quite lame, but I also think its no way too late for them to land back on track to become the company they used to be.

They are a decent bunch, good luck to them.

Donnieboi1909d ago

Anyone know if it will have local multiplayer?

Nineball21121909d ago

According to the Eurogamer review, it will.

"And there are additions to make your eyes light up: offline play, system link support on Xbox 360 - yes, you can LAN it up like the good old days - and the coup de grâce, local multiplayer on a single console for up to four players."

3-4-51909d ago

I played Torchlight 1 on xbox 360.

I played Torchlight 2 on PC.

These games are 10x more fun on console than on PC.

* On PC it's click click click click click click ect...

* On Console it feels solid, controls better, and is less repetitive and less button mashy.

These types of Diablo like games are better suited for Consoles and once you play it on console I think you will agree.

Just my personal opinion though.

NateCole1909d ago

Now i wish i have not played this game already.

Thehyph1909d ago

I haven't. I'm super pumped up for it.

I played Diablo on both PC and PSX. I played that awful Hellfire thing. I played Diablo 2 and LoD. I still haven't even tried Diablo 3.

I'm glad to hear anything that says they might have dealt with the issues that turned people away from the PC version. I was going to buy it for couch co-op alone, anything else is just gravy.

NateCole1909d ago

Dude, you are in for a treat. Have fun.

vikingland11909d ago

Couch co-op is indeed another selling point. It will be great on my 65" tv.

RenegadeRocks1909d ago

HAVE IT PREORDERED !!! :D Yippeeee !

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1909d ago

Wish they'd get rid of the AH and RMAH on the PC version. Frankly their existence completely messes up the game's balance.

NateCole1909d ago

True but Dam. Blizzard at their worst is still better than most.

Spinal1909d ago

^This. I still enjoyed the hell out of D3 despite the RMAH.

I enjoyed gettin my Barb to 60 and will enjoy my barb in the xpac.

I played Torchlight 2 and its just no where near the polish and gameplay of D3.

vikingland11909d ago

I'm going to my GS at midnight on the 3rd for this game. I'm getting it for my PS3. Its going to be a blast to play. I've never played a Diablo game

isa_scout1909d ago

I'm doing the exact same thing. I have a friend that played it on PC, but wants to get it again on PS3 because there is no AH and he wants to play it with me. All we need is two more people for co-op and we're set... Can't wait til Monday!!!

vikingland11909d ago

If you want to try it out on the 3rd my gamer tag is Viking_land1 send me a friend request. But I am a noob to the series so be ready to school me lol.

Thehyph1909d ago

I just added you. The benefits of a vita while at work, haha.

You're in for a treat if you like this kind of game. I've played the crap out of every Diablo minus this one.

Diablo at its best is the king of the loot driven action based RPG.

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