EA's Moore: "Microsoft has been very aggressive with us, as had Sony"

The COO explains the tricks and troubles of preparing for the new consoles

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GarrusVakarian1932d ago

Hahaha oh i bet they have you dirty old fox you!

allformats1932d ago

Yeah, EA's Microsoft's whore these days. For shame.

Septic1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

"Microsoft has been very aggressive with us, as had Sony, we're a very powerful publisher obviously, that has the ability to deliver great content and makes a difference on their platforms, and they want to make sure they get that."

The full quote before people start jumping the gun.

Gster1932d ago

This is all I see when I read this headline... AGGR£$$IV£ ...

No_Limit1932d ago

Nice catch Septic. I just read through the articles and saw that. Still, this thread will turn into a bloody mess soon as always. LOL

NeloAnjelo1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Agressively feeding them MONEY...

malokevi1932d ago

Lol... that title. This place never ceases to amaze me. BS central.

superbhoy1932d ago

@Gster. You could have replaced the g's with euro signs.....but whatever...I don't care

JhawkFootball061932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Title change is needed.. obviously fishing for hits or trying to unfairly bash Microsoft.

Either way it should be

EA's Moore: "Microsoft has been very aggressive with us, as had Sony"

JokesOnYou1931d ago

@NeloAngelo So?

-I'm buying a X1, I hope they keep feeding as many devs as possible money.

ALLWRONG1931d ago

lol at N4G

Lets just remove the part where he says "Sony" and just make it another anti MS article. It is N4G after all.

Ritsujun1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Shame on the prideful Nintendawg.

AW's obviously new to N4G, LOOOOOL.

Deividas1931d ago

Honestly, who really cares all that much? Microsoft teaming up with the worst company in America? And you guys thought ms can screw themselves up that bad by themselves..i dont think so. Little bit of EAs help goes a long way :)

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johndoe112111932d ago

@Septic & No_Limit

The reason why, even though he did also mention sony, people will only see microsoft is that there is a blatant favored collaboration between microsoft and EA and anyone who says that that isn't true is either blind or mentally challenged.

And just to put things in perspective for the people who don't know, Peter Moore used to be the Corporate Vice-President of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business division and Don Mattrick served as the President of Worldwide Studios for Electronic Arts and in july 2007 they practically switched jobs. Just a little food for thought.

malokevi1932d ago

OK, but that doesn't change the fact that whoever posted this article chopped the quote right before the words "as has Sony"...

Whoever posted this article is trying to frame the news, and impact our perspective.

Spin spin spin... no matter how you justify it.

johndoe112111932d ago


Agreed, and in no way was I trying to justify it, all I was stating is why people, even after reading the article, would still only focus on the microsoft part.

Even though the writer had his own agenda, after reading the article most people would still see EA as being 80% pro xbox one, because it's true.

Make no mistake, EA also supporting the PS4 has nothing to to with relationship or because they aren't bias, it's because they will sell millions of copies of their games to it's fan base while still giving microsoft better deals and better support 90% of the time.

Death1931d ago

"Make no mistake, EA also supporting the PS4 has nothing to to with relationship or because they aren't bias, it's because they will sell millions of copies of their games to it's fan base while still giving microsoft better deals and better support 90% of the time."

Back that up with anything. Please. Sony killed their internal sports development studios to secure a deal with EA that kept all EA games off the Dreamcast. You are really going to spin Sony off as a victim here?

johndoe112111930d ago

@ Death

At no point did I say that sony was a saint. Where in my post did I say sony was a victim? Stating the obvious was simply that, stating the obvious. Whether or not it makes sony look like a victim it does not make it any less true.

What does a situation that happened 15 years ago have to do with the topic at hand? Is it that what sony did 15 years ago makes what EA is doing now not true? I fail to see your argument.

Is sony a saint? Hell no. Sony even tried to screw their customers with the PS2 DVD drive fiasco. All those companies see one thing, the bottom dollar and they all have blood on their hands. Does that mean we should turn a blind eye? Hell no. Should we ignore what EA is doing now because of what sony did 15 years ago? I s that what you're saying?

When sony tried to screw everyone with the ps2 situation we were vocal and we spoke out, they were taken to court and they lost. we won. When microsoft screwed us with the RROD we were vocal, they were taken to court. We won. At the end of the day whenever a company is doing shit we have the right to speak up.

If you want to sit there and say that EA is not showing favoritism to microsoft especially knowing the history of their relationship and how it was formed then you are just as much of a hypocrite as EA is and you'll probably fit in very well when they and microsoft are having their board meetings discussing how they can rape and pillage the pockets of every other gamer out there.

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joe901931d ago

Why does the title only show the Anti-MS side,

I'd ask how this got approved but i think we all know how.

clonerz1931d ago

Moore was with MS wasn't he hmmm.. I smell covert ops in us for MS guess EA games will look the same on both consoles no matter what and EA will take that check to the bank for MS getting preferential treatment from them. I could be wrong but we will see in the next year

Death1931d ago

Phil Harrison was with Sony for a long time before joining Microsoft? Another conspiracy? Hmmm...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1931d ago

MS writing check and trying to kill competetitiom...

makes sense buy I am getting ps4.

Kingthrash3601931d ago

lol.....knee slappin funny......good 1

its not everyday you see a death note gif lol

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CustardTrout1932d ago

EA: "So this is what it feels like when people buy from us?"

Groo1932d ago

lol perfect. Karma. Now EA is learning how it feels to be someone elses B!tch.. For years EA would bully and throw their weight around, we all know that. I'm glad to see it being returned in kind.

eezo1932d ago

and that's why titanfall is coming exclusively first on xbox one?

NateCole1932d ago

It's a given. A very big deal it was. Must have cost MS a fortune. However i think it will backfire big time on EA.

Titan is EA's answer to Activision COD or Destiny. Destiny and COD will be available on PS4 from the get go. By the time Titan fall releases it will not be able to compete with Destiny on PS4 at least. With how things are going the PS4 will lead sales.

Very bad move by EA. Thinking short term and not long term. I hope the money from MS is enough.

cleft51932d ago

Have you seen the VGChartz preorder numbers, so far Knack has more preorders than Titanfall. Sure Titanfall isn't a launch title, but even so it is insane that there US pre-orders aren't over 50,000 yet. So yeah, I think this definitely backfired on them.

ThatCanadianGuy5141932d ago

VGchartz are fictionary, made up numbers.Guesstimates.I'm not trying to downplay knack's potential success, but don't quote vgchartz as a source.

tuglu_pati1931d ago


You know Knack is a launch tittle while Titanfall is not. A fair comparison would be Titanfall and Infamous:SS and I don't see the later nowhere in that list.

keyz15791931d ago

you have to think about it bro Microsoft has given ea more than enough money to make up for sales even if the PlayStation 4 leads the X 1 EA has got their money back out of titan fall that's the only way they would make it exclusive to the Xbox 1

TPSou1930d ago

Just to clarify, Destiny won't be out until 2014 either

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Prcko1932d ago

aggressive approach,so bad