The Gamer's "Do Before Death, Marriage Or Kids" List, Part I

Game Informer writes: "Once you reach a certain point in your life, it's hard not to start thinking about the things you'd like to do before you croak. See the pyramids! Set foot on each of the continents! Take a Tex-Mex cooking class! As gamers, we often have similar thoughts, though they're not necessarily on such a morbid timeline. Marriage and parenthood can also take a chunk out of prime gaming time, depending upon your choice of spouse or the amount of attention you plan on giving your tiny terror. Even if you don't plan on spawning or dying in the immediate future, there are still tons of things that you should plan on doing while you have the time.

Here's a list of 150 things that every self-respecting gamer should do or experience before they die, get married or have kids. Some, like "Consult a game FAQ in secret and lie about it," or "Use a video-game tune for your ringer" are probably as good as checked off for most gamers. Others, like "Play a game from start to finish in one sitting" or "Yell voice commands at your DS while on public transportation" require a bit more dedication (or bravery).

Today, we're bringing you the first 75."

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