Xbox One Day One Edition back in stock at GAME

GAME says it has secured more stock of the Xbox One Day One Edition.

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Prcko1662d ago

only 1 day,so hurry up

Cloudyday711662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

The top four biggest video game specialists in the UK still have stock of the Xbox One Day One Edition - this is not good news. :(

Gamestop UK

paul-p19881662d ago

Secured extra stock.... or people cancelled pre-orders?

Either way, good news for people that want to get their hands on one.

thrust1662d ago

I was speaking to game on the wirral and i was surprised to find out people are going in and moving the ps4 pre order over to xbox one since the fifa 14 free.

CRAIG6671662d ago

I live on the Wirral, I think most of my friends real life and on-line are sticking with their preferred console of last gen then some of us will also get "the other" later on, I originally planned to buy both at launch but am just getting the xbox for now and probably get PS4 next xmas.

ElementX1662d ago

Somebody always tried to turn positive Xbox news around...

psych1662d ago

I've already got my day one edition pre ordered.

Animal Mutha 761662d ago

Pre-ordered mine from MS direct. Only way to be sure :)

Stock situation seems good so far. Tesco also showing stock of day one. I guess reducing the number of launch countries has helped although that's no consolation to those missing out.


psych1662d ago

I read a few days ago that they reduced the number of launch countries because of Kinect voice interactivity issues, glad Australia is still on the list of launch countries.

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The story is too old to be commented.