PlayStation Exclusive Akiba’s Trip 2′s First Trailer Is More Like “Akiba Strip”

Akiba’s Trip 2 was announced on Famitsu just a couple days ago and today the first trailer of the new game for PS3 and PS Vita by Acquire surfaced, showing a lot of... stripping.

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GdaTyler1733d ago

I have no problem with stripping. :3 Just hope this game isn't unhealthy. Dragon's Crown had me fapping several times daily. Meh, I'll buy this too.

PSjesus1733d ago

you can play the first game it's available on PSP

CrossingEden1733d ago

You don't have a problem with underage girls stripping? There's plenty wrong with this game and hopefully, it'll just become shovelware in the face of games that try to do new things or are very well made. Like A Link Between Worlds.

Inception1733d ago

I'm sure this game is healthy because there's no nude picture in here, unlike Dragon's Crown. So your 'chicken' can relaxed when playing this game :P

Why are you here?

snitch_puck1733d ago

I could not, for the life of me, fathom how... ugh, whatever.

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strigoi8141733d ago

The gameplay is to strip enemies clothes whats the problem with that

Inception1733d ago

Like the 1st game where the enemies are vampires, so we must strip the enemies clothes because they're weak to the sun. And the game is 'safe' because we're not fully strip the enemies clothes (the enemies still wearing underwear).

snitch_puck1733d ago

I'm not against these type of games and I've played alot including Queen's Blade, Ikki Tousen, and Dragon's Crown.. yes. Dragon's Crown was majorly fappable. *ashamed* .. Problem with these games is that localizations of such are soo rare and it's very troublesome to read Japanese. I guess reasons would span to the fact that it would get low sales or Japan is just too greedy (hmmnn). either way, I hope this game gets localized since it's by Acquire.

dcj05241732d ago

They don't was us to see that hand-drawn digitally colored booty. Lol