Microsoft: We want Skype on PS4

Microsoft’s corporate vice-president for Skype, Mark Gillett, has expressed his desire to bring the Skype video-calling service to the PlayStation 4 console.

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GarrusVakarian1937d ago

Not really too bothered about it, PS4 will have party chat. Good for people who are contacting friends and family who don't own PS4's though.

Iltapalanyymi1937d ago

yea m8. 2 of my friends will get an xbone so its great that i can chat with them on my ps4!! also: majority of my friends chat in skype so this will be very useful for me on my ps4!

GarrusVakarian1937d ago

Haha skyping from PS4 to Xbox One, how ironic.

JohnnyBadfinger1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

And now if only Sony and Microsoft would allow cross platform gaming... Shh if only this was a civilised planet filled with love and joy.... FUCK IT! BURN EM ALL!! Lol

PeaSFor1937d ago

Skype is already on PsVita so i dont see why it wouldnt be on PS4.

Mounce1937d ago

@Lukas - PS Vita has Skype so, really, Vita users can already call any other Skype user. It's not like Microsoft and Sony are bitter enemies in EVERY industry of business.

malokevi1937d ago

It would be very good of them to share the love, considering the popularity of Skype. Not sure if it makes business sense... but then, I guess the more people using it, the better.

Mystogan1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

This won't happen with the PS4, The only reason that Microsoft allowed Skype to be on PSVita is because they don't have a handheld of their own anyway, They are not in competition in that space.They also used to make Nintendo DS Games.

Here they are competing directly with the PS4. And Skype is a huge selling point to casual gamers, They're not going to give that up.

Ju1937d ago

Remember the times when Skype was actually not owned by MS? I'm curious how much independence they still have.

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Narutone661937d ago

I'm fine with it, since even my Sony HDTV supports Skype. Hopefully, the NSA won't be watching us.

Thantalas1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

An Xbox One friend being able to chat with his PlayStation 4 friend across console platforms is a great idea. Not everyone will want to use it but no one loses! :)

XisThatKid1937d ago

Hope so, I like my options like I have on my Vita hell My Vita has virtually replaced my phone (not much of a phone person). This would be beneficial to me if it happens

Spoons1937d ago

Finally, I was shocked when my friend who has a PS3 said you couldn't party chat.

kreate1937d ago

But the truth is, u can.

n4rc1937d ago

That's news to every ps3 owner on the planet.. Lol

kreate1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

for the millionth time. go get urself a ps3, make a account, and add me as friend, and i will show u.

all these retards tell me they got a ps3 and they tell me this and that on n4g and once i send them a friend invite on psn they back away and refuse to further communicate.

they commuicate on n4g but not on the ps3. do these ppl even have a ps3?


tell me ur psn id and i will show u how to party chat on ps3, if u dont go through with this, ur one of those retards i mentioned above

n4rc1937d ago

I got rid of my ps3 last month and hadn't updated it in longer then that.. So truthfully I can't say about a very recent update

There was no party chat in any shape or form thr 4 years i owned it... Cross game chat is what most people consider party chat and that doesn't exist..

Maybe they added a group private chat option... But not while your in game so what's the point?

kreate1937d ago

"There was no party chat in any shape or form thr 4 years i owned it.."

xbox360 has cross game chat via voice. I can't text other than pm.

Ps3 has cross game chat via text. I can't voice it other than the party chat on the dashboard or the ps home.

There is a shape and form of it, even though its useless to u, its quite useful for ps3 gamers.

I do agree that voice activated cross game chat is the superior version for gaming.

Go get urself a ps3, let me add ur psn gamertag, and I will show u. Than come on n4g and tell ppl of ur new discovery.

If doing so, I will send u a ps3 game for free. Or if u want, I will send u a 360 game for free.

n4rc1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Well in defence of my point.. Text isn't chat. And pm isn't a party.. But have they added a true party chat option if only from the dashboard? Must be fairly recent... That's cool tho

And like I said.. Just sold mine to a buddy in preperation of November.. Keeping the 360 until then just for GTA 5 and some BioShock dlc..

I have no issue with PlayStation.. I've owned them all.. But not having cross game or party chat was my major complaint with it...

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1937d ago

I just want games.. MS really is out of touch.. lol

BallsEye1937d ago

I find it an awesome feature. I use skype as my main messenger and work number. I don't think it will come to ps4 tho since it's owned by MS and is one of their big stuff for XO.

GarrusVakarian1937d ago

Its owned by MS, but its on the PS Vita. Weird.

lfPetrini1937d ago

Lukas_Japonicus they don't have reasons not to make it available on Vita, since they don't have a handheld device to compete. Making it available on PS4 "for free" wouldn't be a smart move.

TheBurger291937d ago

not to all ps people but alot have been real dicks on everything xbox one and i dont think they really deserve it

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Abriael1937d ago

Not a big deal, Xbox One has blu ray, don't see any reason why PS4 can't have skype :D

iamnsuperman1937d ago

It will happen because it is just another device which can gain more profits from putting a low amount of money into it. Skype is on everything.

Mystogan1937d ago

Sony does not own bluray. Not entirely. Bluray is owned by many different companies. Sony does not decide who gets a license and who doesn't.

Skype on the other hand is entirely owned by Microsoft therefore it will probably never come to PS4.

Wizziokid1937d ago

Never use Skype so I'm indifferent, would be good for those who do use it though

TrevorPhillips1937d ago

At first I thought the title was misleading till I continued reading haha

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