First Image of Xbox One On-Screen Keyboard Leaked

This is the first image of Xbox One Keyboard. It was showcased at a very recent Project Spark Presentation.

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Kydawg1726d ago

OMG! Aaaaaaaah, Keyboard!

sincitysir11726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Omg ah no way a keyboard?! On screen?! Oh my what a revolution! Because i definitely judge things based on onscreen keyboards! Ah ma gawd!

malokevi1726d ago

Looks kinda like the Keyboard on my Surface RT.... not surprising :)

And it looks like he's demoing the ability to say the letters!!!!! That, in my book, is amazing news... So sick of using the thumbstick to navigate the keyboard.

I bought the attachable keyboard for my Xbox for that very reason, and then promptly lost it.

Kydawg1726d ago

"The ability to say the letters!?" Who wants to write a message to their friend by saying "Give me a capital "H"! Give me a lowercase "e"! How bout a "L"? No not an "A" and "L", just "L"!......Screw this, can't I just say "Hello?" No? That's why there's a keyboard? Wow this Kinect really does make things easier!"

Raiz1726d ago

i would rather prefer (via Smart Glass) to use my tablet's keyboard rather than spending half an hour using the on screen one.

philfogg1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Yeah, that would be more useful actually. Is smartglass on Android? Up until now I've not had much use into looking into it.

TheGreatGamer1726d ago

Yeah i have Smartglass on my htc one

jatakk1726d ago

SmartGlass is compatible with Windows 8 devices, Windows RT tablets, Windows Phone (7.5+) smartphones, Windows Server 2012 PCs, iOS (5+) devices and Android (4.0+) smartphones.

BallsEye1726d ago

You can do that on 360 with smartglass. Using my adroid phone to type.

psych1726d ago

Looks like they just went full qwerty, never go full qwerty.

Cherchez La Ghost1726d ago

Yes indeed! SmartGlass is the best way.

philfogg1726d ago

I will check that out, thanks!

tigertom531726d ago

I'M sure they will come back out with a chat pad or maybe even a touch screen for the controller it surely can handle the now they are using wife direct with 20X the bandwidth.

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