Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Will Support 4K Ultra HD Resolution

If you love Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and you like to be always ahead of the visual curve, you now have a reason to celebrate, as Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida shared that support for 4K Ultra HD Resolution will be added to the game.

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ShugaCane1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

4K Ultra HD ? That's got to be at least five generations ahead of my current equipment lol.

Abriael1936d ago

Not sure about five, but it was shown working on three Geforce GTX in SLI, not sure the model, but they were at least 680s

ShugaCane1936d ago

I was deliberatly exaggerating x)
I just checked the prices for 4K tvs or monitors on the itnernet. It's big ! No way I can afford that anytime soon.

Abriael1936d ago

@ShugaCane: you and me as well, but it's always good to futureproof a game.

minimur121936d ago

I read this article that put into perspective how demanding 4k gaming is, and to run Sleeping Dogs at 60FPS you'll need 4, yes 4 Geforce Titans.

starchild1936d ago

If you've ever run a game at 4x SSAA, that is fairly equivalent to 4k resolution. Not exactly, but similar.

There are quite a few games that I run with 4x SSAA so it's not too improbable.

hard joe1936d ago

and 4k tv costs 15 grands

kx111936d ago

kinda got there before you Yoshida

it's not news to me at all

GenericNameHere1936d ago

That took like 10 more seconds than it would normally take to load images. I guess you are personally set for the next 3-4 generations if your monitor can do 4K?

On a side note, I find it ironic (can I use it in this term?) that there is a Dualshock silhouette, when I see you are using an Xbox 360 controller, and a lot of PC gamers use X360 controllers

kx111936d ago

my monitor isn't a 4K monitor

i created a custom resolution and it works with every game on my HDD

i think i'm set for the next-generation

listenkids1936d ago

I couldn't even see 1080p on Beta, what's up with that.

Feralkitsune1935d ago

Maybe it's because you aren't on a 4K monitor/TV. You could set a custom resolution but there would be 0 benefit from that.

listenkids1935d ago

My point really ( regardless of disagrees ) is that on beta, you couldn't go above 720p on any monitor/TV. So, how can they push 4k when 1080 isn't even an option.

Feralkitsune1934d ago

You must be on console. On PC, I could go to whatever I wanted. Played every beta on 1920x1200

Agent_hitman1936d ago

I hope that the PS4 version will suppport 4k resolution as well/.

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