PS3 Exclusive JRPG Battle Princess of Arcadias Gets an Extended Trailer

Today Nippon Ichi Software released the extended version of the first trailer of its upcoming PS3 exclusive JRPG Battle Princess of Arcadias that will be released in Japan on September the 26th.

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abzdine1933d ago

japanese are going berserk on JRPGs on PS3.
I wonder why those games dont come to Vita as well.
Good to know they're starting to release some cool stuff, i hope the transition to PS4 won't take ages

1933d ago
RiPPn1933d ago

Yeah it's like they are making up for the lack of them in the beginning. Hope the PS4 comes out the gate with a heavy JRPG lineup as these seem to be the games that define a console.

leahcim1933d ago

Beautifull just Beautifull...

this fits so perfectly on my VITA!!