Countdown to GTA V: Vehicles

A vehicle is just one of the many important tools in achieving your missions in GTA. Whether it is to achieve a fast getaway, reach another part of the city in record time, accomplishing a goal or achievement or to just mess around and causing general havoc on the streets, picking the right vehicle for the job was crucial.

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steve30x1937d ago

I hope the bangers that were introduced in GTA IV which were missfiring and backfired a lot are in GTA V too. I found those cars to be the most fun.

chikane1937d ago

Tanks that's what i wanna see in gta 5

macethedon1937d ago

yeah tanks need to make a return.

Swiftcricket1937d ago

There was an article a while back that mentioned tanks were in. I say this all the time but, I want the damn Monster back dammit! Only favorite vehicle of mine not yet confirmed.