Nintendo Announces the 2DS, Is It Worth Owning?

Nizulo's Steven Vella talks about the Nintendo 2DS and whether it's worth your hard-earned dollars.

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Nitrowolf21938d ago

i would have bought it weren't for the fact that it has no hinges to fold, meanign I have to carry that thing in a pouch or something.

I already own a 3DS, I see this is launching the same day as Pokemon so I guess that's the reason why Nintendo is doing this, but wow no hinges

Fairchild Channel F1938d ago

If it had a Game Boy Advance cartridge slot I'd say yes. IMO GBA had the best collection of games. Unfortunately it never really had a nice back lit screen.

iamnsuperman1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

My reason is the price. It is in the same price window as the old 3DS ($40ish/£21 difference). I don't know why they didn't just release a 3DS slim if they want to cut costs of manufacturing. The thing is a budget 3DS except the 3DS is fairly budget already (price is pretty low but good value for money).

nukeitall1938d ago

The thing that makes it NOT worth it to me is the inability to fold the unit!

A 3DS slim without 3D is a great idea. A non-foldable and non-portable 3DS is a terrible idea.

guitarded771938d ago

I actually like the fact that it doesn't fold. Would be cool for kicking around the house. I just wish it had a 3D display, and the XL size screen.

I think it should also be noted that it's not being marketed to us adult (I use the term "adult" loosely around here) gamers... it's being marketed to young children, and less movable parts, and no hinge to pinch small fingers is part of the marketing.

Most everyone I know with children either give their kid their phone, or an old phone, or an old tablet for their child to play games or watch movies while they're driving, or just to keep the child occupied while they have something else to do.

With the 2DS, parents can buy something reasonably priced with safer content so Jr doesn't break mom/dad's expensive phone or tablet. Point is... this isn't meant for us, but if anyone outside the targeted demographic finds it appealing, then good for them. Personally, I would consider buying one if it had the XL and 3D screens.

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ArchangelMike1938d ago

I don't know what demographic Nintendo are targeting here, 5-7 year olds? They cut the price of thw price of the Wii U, and then launch a new baby handheld console to help make up the profits. Personally, I don't think it will work out. By that I mean, I dont think the 2DS will be a runaway success, and it definately won't save Nintendo. They'll need more than the 2DS to get out of the rutt they're currently in.

Nizulo1938d ago

I've always found Nintendo's timing a bit weird. It's funny that they're releasing this, especially with the 3DS doing so well. You would have to think that if 2DS sales somehow takeoff, that 3DS sales would go down as a result. Just strikes me as odd.

Having said that, the 2DS does introduce a much-needed thumbstick!

LOL_WUT1938d ago

I get what Nintendo are trying to do but this should've been more useful if the 3DS wasn't selling good. I don't know about you guys but this still doesn't make me want to get one. ;)

Ryto1938d ago

On BBC news they termed this as a budget variant of the 3DS... But the 3DS is quite competitively priced in my opinion :s

Seems a bit like flooding the market with as many handheld game consoles as possible. But, I do love my 3DS and it seems unlike a lot of people, I actually use the 3D option quite a lot (not all the time, if I wanna slump back and play the 3D doesn't work, so 2D aha). I don't know though, I think if I was buying as a present, I'd still go for the 3DS XL.

CommonSense1938d ago

I think it's an admission that developers and consumers don't really care about 3D.

spoonard1938d ago

My's SO ugly and awkward looking!

StevenNizulo1938d ago

I am not liking the overall look of it but alot of parents buy it for their children so it's useful for children under the age of seven.

philfogg1938d ago

I like it, looks good to me. Smart move getting rid of 3D and with it parental concerns with kids going blind.

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