5 Things Sonic Lost World Needs To Do

Sonic has had a pretty rough time adapting the world of modern video games. There has been some success for the blue hedgehog on the handheld systems and the last game in the series, Sonic Generations was a fun nostalgia ride. Only these games used to be held in high regard — back in the days of the Sega Genesis people would always argue about which was better, Sonic or Mario?

If you were to have that same conversation now, however, Mario would win by a landslide.

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AceBlazer131935d ago

I still prefer sonic over Mario though. Sonic colours was fun and what this game needs to do is come to ps3/ps4

mcroddi1935d ago

Poor Sonic - such a lost cause.

guitarded771934d ago

How you figure? There have been some good sonic games this gen.

BG115791935d ago

I love Sonic. He's an awesome character.
The only problem is the 3D passage. You got to admit, Sonic's speed is not adapted for 3D games. Well until Lost World.
The game fells right this time. I hope it will be a good game.

Kydawg1934d ago

My last favorite sonic game was Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast. I'm ready for this though, it seems like a mix of Sonic and Super Mario Galaxy which could only be awesome! Problem is, I don't own the Wii U.

Shoul1934d ago

Sonic has been slowly getting better - hopefully this continues the trend!

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