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Stevivor's Leo Stevenson writes, "If you’d asked me before E3 if Forza 5 was a game I was looking forward to, I would have flat-out said no. Racing sims are really not my thing. At all. I love to have a bash at arcade racers, kart racers, futuristic racers — a la F-Zero — but sims? No thanks.

"They’re too hard, take too much work to get the hang of, require too much of a time investment to unlock decent vehicles and seem to do everything they can to deter non car lovers from ever playing them. At E3 I got to play one track in Forza 5. Whilst it was still difficult, there were a bunch of options to help me out and it looked so incredible that I actually had a lot of fun. Crazy right?"

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Dragonborn3121609d ago

I generally prefer arcade racers over sims, but I have really enjoyed the Forza franchise so far and look forward to number 5.

thetruthx11609d ago

Graphics to die for + driving cars I'll never own lol

$60 here you go

urwifeminder1609d ago

Yeah changed my order to collectors today just want the goods.

RIP_Weazel1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

..isn't it only stickers in the collectors edition? (Alongside the game and dlc?)

urwifeminder1609d ago

Yeah I don't even know lol or care got F4 collectors was really nice tin and book pack just a fan so that's the main reason.

HugoDrax1609d ago

I need to do this as well, although I would like to purchase the collectors edition digitally. If that's possible? I plan on buying most games digitally, and most single player titles at retail.

christocolus1609d ago

this game looks great and i want it pls spare my wallet...pls.

Elit3Nick1609d ago


Ghost_of_Tsushima1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

I've always liked the way Forza looks and feels. Great physics and great sense of speed. Amazing game all around. Forza 5 has amazing graphics also.

GodGinrai1609d ago

ANd this time round we wont have to wait for the porches! cant wait to take the nwe 911GT3 through its paces on the nurburgring in F5. Im probably going to slap ridge racer decals on them again ( I have a thing for the RT solvalou and ryukyu painjobs)

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