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Nintendo needs to embrace iOS as a games platform

Mike Wehner of TUAW writes, "With its marquee home console, the Wii U, thoroughly underperforming in sales and the 3DS falling considerably short of its predecessor's performance over the 28 months since its release, it's time for Iwata-san to reconsider his stance on iOS." (3DS, Dev, Industry, Nintendo, Nintendo DS)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   701d ago
Hahaha. No.
3-4-5  +   699d ago
That is the thing.....No it doesn't.

People who have been into gaming for a few years now all of the sudden saying everything has to be catered to them because they play games now.

this article is trash.
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kirbyu  +   700d ago
Brucis  +   700d ago
No, it doesn't 'need' to. Considering the DS sold over 150 million units and was one of the most successful consoles ever it'd be hard-pressed to not fall short of that, much less match it. Does Sony need to reconsider things because the PS3 sold less than the PS2? No.
tehpees3  +   700d ago
Its not about units sold. its about profits made. Nintendo make an awful lot of their money on their hardware.
Brucis  +   700d ago
I know, I was just saying it's stupid to state that Nintendo need to rethink things because they sold 8mil less than the DS in the same time frame (2 years 3 months). It means practically nothing to sell less than the second highest selling console.
iamnsuperman  +   700d ago
No but people are spending more money on mobile games than ever before

Source: http://www.newzoo.com/wp-co...

The comparison you made isn't totally correct because the rise of the 360 (competition) would make the PS3 sell than the PS2. But people are still buying consoles (hell 77 million each is impressive for competition). They also reconsidered things (look at the launch of the PS4 compared to the PS3 launch). They only need to one up their competition as it is console versus console

The competition with smart phones and tablets is vastly more damaging for Nintendo. Look at the early days of the 3DS (they cut the price by 30% for sales to take off). Look at their most recent move with the 2DS. Both show Nintendo understands the mobile market is eating away at their "secure" income. Mobile devices do a lot more than game (which is where the appeal comes from) and they can game for less. A lot has changed since the original DS launched
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grahf  +   700d ago
Yes you're right, a lot has changed. What hasn't changed is that children are freaking clumsy. There is no way in hell i'm handing a fragile $600 device to a 7 year old so they can play Pokemon, and there is no way they're getting their own!

Here kid, have a 3DS/2DS/1DS with Nerf Armor for less than $200 and have at it!
TheEvilWithin  +   699d ago
Ok? So what should Sony consider doing then cause the Vita is not selling well? You think its time for Sony to consider EMBRACING IOS with there games? You know cause the Vita is in trouble. There using a stupid feature such as Remote play with the PS4 in a last ditch effort to save them selves on the Vita BUT what people seem to be forgetting is it goes off internet connection to work. So you think going on a road trip your going to be able to play PS4 games on your vita? Or how about thinking of going out to your local mall and sitting and waiting for your girl to finish trying on cloths you think your going to hop on a secure internet connection? Its just a feature to let you sit on the john in your own house to play games.

Point is the Vita is in worse shape then the 3DS and there are NO articles suggesting they move to IOS.

You also mention how both PS3 AND 360 has sold 77 million systems each but what about the Nintendo Wii outselling BOTH consoles with OVER 100 Million consoles sold and its STILL selling decent.

Nintendo is fine they have something like 17 Billion in the bank. Mind you Nintendo is just a gaming company. Sony sells just about EVERYTHING and there losing money ALL the time. Microsoft has there Windows business to keep there company going.

These articles of Nintendo needing to start embracing IOS need to stop because its NEVER going to happen. Like Grahf said, No one is going to hand over there Ipad or Iphone or Ipod to just let there kid play Nintendo games on it. People like you need to stop defending these articles because the same thing can be said about the competition.
iamnsuperman  +   699d ago

"There using a stupid feature such as Remote play with the PS4 in a last ditch effort to save them selves on the Vita BUT what people seem to be forgetting is it goes off internet connection to work"

I don't think it is stupid but it is a last ditch effort for the Vita. Good free Wifi's are popping up all over the place. So I don't think the Wifi only thing is a good reason to discredit the service.

Sony are moving towards making the brand more mobile based. There are phones and tablets that are Playstation certified. I think this is the first baby step in that direction. Nintendo is showing no forward thinking in that regard

"Nintendo is fine they have something like 17 Billion in the bank. Mind you Nintendo is just a gaming company. Sony sells just about EVERYTHING and there losing money ALL the time. Microsoft has there Windows business to keep there company going. "

This is just plan wrong. The Wii was a success but since then other consoles (64, cube, Wii U) are/didn't do well. The DS sold well on its own but the 3DS only started selling after a big 30% price cut (if that doesn't show you the market has changed I am not sure what will. These consoles can't sell at the price point it used to sell fine at. Imagine what will happen another 5 years down the line) Sony isn't loosing money anymore. They had a shake up with Kaz becoming CEO and now they are turning a profit. There tablet was voted best tablet this year and their phone is one of the best on the market and it is showing in the sales.

Nintendo issue is they are showing a lack of forward thinking. Their competitors have evolved as the market changes and at least Sony is showing a more ios/android store embrace than Nintendo. I see the Vita being the last handheld from Sony. Only because they will make more money with a tablet device that uses Gaikai (which they bought recently) and there phones and tablets allow controllers to be contented. People are saying Nintendo should embrace ios because it is dominating the market. Totally ignoring the issue is why these articles are being written. Sony is showing signs of changing. Nintendo isn't
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betan21  +   700d ago
Meh lol
tehpees3  +   700d ago
No. Nintendo are fine as they are.
clmstr  +   700d ago
hell no.
dredgewalker  +   700d ago
It would be the same as sabotaging their own consoles if Nintendo releases games for ios and android. Look people buy consoles with gaming in mind and buy tablets/smartphones for other things. The thing with portables is that they don't go obsolete after a year unlike these gadgets. Manufacturing also becomes cheaper with time. I'm an android user and find this suggestion ridiculous.
skydragoonity  +   700d ago
Doing this would be a crazy idea. Nintendo will pick up, what's happening with the wii u is just temporary.
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R00bot  +   700d ago
Nintendo doesn't need to do anything, especially this.
ben_jamin0  +   700d ago
I dunno why all these people are so against this idea...I would love a Pokemon game on my phone.

I do agree it doesn't 'need' to do this but I don't see a problem with it. Just as long as it is not full of in-app purchases!
Tei777  +   700d ago
To want a pokemon on your phone is similar to wanting dedicated hanheld gaming to die.
ben_jamin0  +   700d ago
Not really, It wouldn't be a full fledged Pokemon game could even be something related to the pokemon trading cards, scan the cards into the game etc.

It wouldn't rival its own console, it would just expand its player base.
grahf  +   700d ago
There is an official pokedex.

Have fun!
TechOne  +   700d ago
F@ck that
helghast102  +   700d ago
Bugger off mate.
TuxedoMoon  +   699d ago
"Nintendo needs to embrace iOS as a games platform"

That's like saying Mario needs to be on Steam/PC.

Nintendo games are on Nintendo consoles. If they end up anywhere else, there's no point to that particular console. Do you think anyone would buy a 3ds to play Mario land 3ds when then can download it to their iphone? They're making money and with the 2ds coming out, I'm sure parents will buy that thing along with pokemon.

Stupid suggestion was stupid.
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Summons75  +   699d ago
Why? Gamers and every other company doesn't count iOS as a gamin platform, why should Nintendo?

Either this is a troll article or the writer knows nothing about gaming. Maybe both.
strigoi814  +   699d ago
Nintendo should stay away from any of that kind...that would make them lose their dignity and pride..

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