Insomnia Curse of Generation Xbox

Computer games and fast food have been blamed by doctors for a startling rise in the number of children being treated in hospital for sleep disorders. The problem is especially pronounced among young boys, with thousands now being treated every year.

Experts say parents are at fault for failing to enforce strict bedtimes and allowing children to play computer games and watch TV in their rooms late at night.

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Sir Ken Kutaragi 43869d ago

As soon as some one says xBox 360 or Micro$oft i fall asleep!!! ;-D

Valin3869d ago

Isn't the actual term Playstation Generation? Unless we've move onto a new generation? Let's see......

MTV/Boyband Generation -1990's
Playstation Generation -2000/2005
Generation Xbox -2005/ ?????????

GiantEnemyCrab3869d ago

Playstation generation is dead.

vilmer3869d ago

lol, now it's the kiddie halo generation of fat, pimple faced racists and homophobes!

nightfallfilms3869d ago

The article isn't just about Xbox but kids playing video games in general. The title is miss leading to people who just see the title and don't read the article. Why didn't the N4G poster use the correct title and put X-Box like in the original article????

rafaleon3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

xboxboxboxboxboxboxboxboxboxbo xboxboxboxboxboxbobox

I hope you're in coma now.

Fallen_Angel3869d ago

Oddly it really has nothing to do with the x box really. It more of video games in general and poor parenting

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The story is too old to be commented.