The 2DS Looks HORRID. Well, someone had to say it!

Over the years, Nintendo has never given me a reason NOT to purchase their hardware. Its always looked spectacular...until now. While the new 2DS comes with its benefits, it still is an awful eyesore! Watch the video below to hear Jamin's thoughts on the 2DS' appearance.

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But is rugged and designed for kids. Do you think they are going to care when they play pokemon X and Y on the thing.

Mounce1934d ago

Why does the guy in the video look like Gandhi?

Army_of_Darkness1934d ago

Kids are into skylanders these days.

TheDevKit1934d ago

I wouldn't say that, he might nuke you.

Transporter471934d ago

from what i know little kids don't even play pokemon that much, gamers like you play pokemon more then little kids

BlackBusterCritic1934d ago

Haha, so true! Kids today are into that Bakugan garbage and beyblade. Us older generation still play pokemon. XD

GameCents1934d ago

They should. Thing looks hideous and the kid friendly excuse is nor going to cut it this time!

Good grief Nintendo, you make billions off of your handhelds, use some to hire better hardware shell designers!!

duducus1934d ago

People have already said it...

Mario181934d ago

This man speaks the truth

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The story is too old to be commented.