PS Vita System Update 2.61 Live Now

The aforementioned PS Vita System Update 2.61 is live now.

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ftwrthtx1938d ago

They went pretty quick quick with that one. Wasn't expecting this until later tonight.

minimur121937d ago

Yeah, to fix some exploit that let you play classic emulators like GameboyA/Colour SNES and most PSP homebrews. :p

snitch_puck1938d ago

Was there any change in interface or is this just for anti-hacking purposes?

sinncross1938d ago

its not just anti-hacking. System stability is also for software that is not functioning correctly.

Sometimes they knwo exactly what, other its just a random clean up.
I had VLR digital version. Game would not boot up and kept freezing on the intro screen and putting my psv into safe mode. Few days later a small stability patch and the game booted and worked perfectly from then on.

Tiqila1938d ago

I thought it was boring

guitarded771937d ago

I just hope they fix the damn store from freezing every time I try and download something for the first time.

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GenericNameHere1938d ago

I don't like updating my Vita ON my Vita. Just did it again, and now it's stuck at 100%. Cancel a hundred times, and it doesn't work. Gonna have to do what the thing tells me, and hard power down the Vita, restart it via my PS3, and download the update through the PS3. P!sses me off so much... Next time, no more. I'm just gonna wait for PS+ to download it automatically.

N4GCB1938d ago

You don't need a ps3 if your vita get's stuck there's a safe menu for this stuff you know
just hold down the power button for awhile.

GenericNameHere1938d ago

Yeah, I already knew that since launch day. However, one of the updates from earlier this year (I think it was the March update? If there was one?), my Vita froze at the 100% bar for the first time since I got it. Touching Cancel and Yes did nothing, i couldn't exit out. And I definitely didn't wait for the batteries to run ( which was fully charged. So I turned it off. I turned it on, it went to the safe menu, and only the first three options were available... And none worked. For a second, there was hope. The next, it just turns off by itself. Kept repeating this to no avail. Checked online too, nothing. I asked one of my PSN friends, and he said it was strange I didn't have access to all the Safe Menu options, and that I should send it to Sony for repair (pfftt. I NEVER buy warranty for my consoles or games. Never have, never will). I got really mad, but I connected it to my PS3, updated the Vita from there, and it worked again. Since then, I've updated my Vita through the PS3 or PS+.

Until just an hour or two ago. It's just there, sitting at 100%. I don't know why I updated it on my Vita again. I'm gonna turn it off again and connect to my PS3 later. That 100% bar is ticking me off.

N4GCB1938d ago

Ah, well that's unfortunate of you. Good thing you had a PS3

GenericNameHere1938d ago

Yeah, if I didn't have a PS3, I'd have an expensive brick today. :(

Salooh1937d ago

Man , that would be annoying as hell , i'm glad i don't have that problem , just use the pc to download the update and then copy it to the vita , that's easy solution :) ..

ftwrthtx1938d ago

Was moving some screenshots over to my PC and the Content Manager had to be updated as well.