PS Vita System Update 2.61 Coming Soon

PS Vita system update 2.61 is coming soon, system software stability during use of some features has been improved

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ftwrthtx1570d ago

Must be another anti-hacking update.

UltimateMaster1570d ago

Let's hope they implement better/more Remote Play from PS3-Vita.
But for some reason, I doubt it.

IMightBeRetarded1570d ago

Unlikely, as they haven't mentioned anything about it. The ps4 remote play looks extremely promising though.

guitarded771570d ago

Either way, doesn't look like it does much for us.

QUESTION: Is Twitter coming up all messed up for anyone else right now? I've been having problems all day.

dcj05241570d ago

You know it. They're serious about preventing hacks/piracy.

jujubee881570d ago

True, but they also do make sure about little things in the OS, so that if apps like twitter glitches then Sony fix it via the next update. (That actually happened in the last update. Though, it was a few weeks in between before they fixed the twitter bug.)

JoGam1570d ago

Maybe it's the system preparation for PS4. who knows.

Cirehpsa1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

And it is out now, updating~

dbjj120881570d ago

Can't wait for remote play.

Sky Lazarus1570d ago

installed. so far no problems. intriguing as to what they did.

Sci0n1570d ago

just got the update as well, wonder whats new

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