Killer Is Dead Review – no more Suda51 | Metro

Metro: "Shallow, sexist, and largely nonsensical. The action is amongst Suda51’s best but it’s not leveraged in any way that justifies the failings of the rest of the game."

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Buuhan11816d ago

Sexist? That seems to be a popular word among game journalists lately, but I wonder if most of them truly understand the term.

I've played Killer is Dead and it's not sexist. It's silly.


regardless..i'm picking it up this weekend before these pansy ass journalist get it banned!

Army_of_Darkness1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Only a female extremists would call this sexist... And if he is a guy, I'd consider him a bitch.

Anthotis1816d ago

It's a knee jerk reaction from prudish femnazis and self loathing beta males.

Brucis1816d ago

People really need to learn that sexual isn't the same as sexist.

N4GCB1816d ago


NeXXXuS1816d ago

Saying that something is sexist is a sexist remark.

level 3601816d ago

Have been playing it for awhile and have to say game play is quite difficult and I'ved only set it in normal.

Sexists? For goodness sake grow up!

For sure a lot of gamers' who will be buying this spectacular game have already made up their minds no matter what all these "so-called" journos and their articles would have written about Killer is Dead.