Nintendo is Never Boring

Mini Fortress writes:

"While everybody expected Nintendo to announce a price drop for the Wii U, I don’t think anybody could have predicted the arrival of Nintendo 2DS. One move gives Nintendo’s newest console a real pair of legs to stand on, while the other takes legs away."

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4logpc1729d ago

No idea why but I laughed really hard at that.

UltimateMaster1729d ago

"Never boring"
But sometimes lame..."2DS"
Buy a 3DS instead, seriously..

ritsuka6661728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

At least Nintendo not get stuck in the same shit generation during 10 years like Sony.

zalanis1729d ago

im the biggest ninty fan but i just cant figure this move out. i mean is it a development cost, can implemmenting the 3d feature actually cost them so much.

Q:1)why isnt it green in honour of year of luigi
Q:2)if it dont fold, how do i put in sleep mode
Q:3)if it dont fold, how do i get my daily coins.
Q:4)how the hell am i supposed to play all my circle pad
pro games such as MH3,MGS,KH,RESIDENT EVIL since they've once again conviniently left out the second analog.

robparko1729d ago

1) I agree, would look pretty sweet with the L logo on back, as well.
2) A sleep mode button is mentioned in the press release, nobody seems to have mentioned it though, including myself.
3) See 2
4) I only played MGS and Resident Evil and completed both without the slide pad. The controls were passable in MGS, but Resident Evil felt just fine to me.

sincitysir11729d ago

this aint for u my friend! its for 6 yr olds according to nintendo! and there is a sleep mode button =]

R00bot1729d ago

It only has one screen, apparently it cut costs, but it means no joint and no 3D.

live2play1729d ago

youre not who theyre aiming it for buddy
they actually said, if you already enjoy playing in your xl screen, you arent the target audience

this is a cheap alternative for kids, thats all. like a tablet, kids love tablets

ErcsYou1729d ago

Well, since most of N4g community are either 7yrs old or in their Mid 40's acting like their 7yrs old, i asked a couple of 10yr olds and a 12yr old what they thought and the youngest loved it, Its shaped like a Tablet with a camera. The oldest doesn't care. He prefers consoles and and Pc. Me, i broke up with Nintendo when they released the Wii.

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TheLastVoiceOFsanity1729d ago

when nintendo wants to they can keep a secret like nobody else.

robparko1729d ago

It's a secret to everybody!

ArtificiallyYours1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

I'd like a 2DS in Gameboy Advance's "Glacier Blue" color scheme.

Wni01729d ago

Nintendo DS. Nintendo 3DS. And now Nintendo 2DS. Thats totally not boring.

live2play1729d ago

yes because they were specifically talking about the name of their consoles.... cmon dude youre not even trying to troll

put some effort into it, i mean can you be THAT lazy

Wni01729d ago

8/29 - Pokemon Rumble U
Wii U

Wii U

9/15 - The Wonderful 101
Wii U

October 2013 - Wii Party U
Wii U

October 2013 - The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
Wii U

man who doesnt love HD remakes and shovel ware

live2play1729d ago

there we go you kinda got it

just one thing though, whats rayman shovelware? and wonderful 101? shovelware

i dont think you know the meaning of the word

kirbyu1729d ago

Wii Party U isn't shovelware either. Being a party game that isn't Mario Party doesn't make it shovelware.

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