NPD March Preview (NPD release to come April 17, 2008 at ~6:30 pm)

Jacob Mazel of VGChartz writes: "NPD will report USA videogame sales for the five weeks ending April 5, 2008 on Thursday April 17, 2008 at ~6:30 pm EST. Vgchartz data for the five week period is already available. Last month, the sales reported by NPD were from a four week month, so while total sales for the month are up on a monthly basis, on an average weekly basis only Wii and PSP saw increased sales compared to February.

Expect NPD data for the USA to reveal that:

-Super Smash Brothers Brawl for Wii was the top selling game of the month, selling over two million units
-PS3 sales and Xbox 360 sales were nearly identical this month.
-PS2 was the top selling Sony system
-PSP had its strongest month for software in ages, with two titles represented in the top ten
-DS and Wii both averaged over 120,000 units sold per week.

Vgchartz data which covers the Americas, rather than just the USA, shows the following hardware data for the five week period:


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Breakfast3900d ago

VG is trying to ride off of NDP now? ...first n4g now this?

Genesis53900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Well we'll see how close they are. Probably not very close.

Cyrus3653900d ago

what are you talking about? They always post their "Monthly PRE NPD number previews" every month, the last 2 months their PS3 numbers have been way off (Undertracked) and so everyone claims VGchartz makes up their numbers... Like this is a new thing, it's always been understood, at best it's a estimate.

gaffyh3900d ago

I'm approving this just so we can see how wrong VGChartz is when NPD numbers are released

sonarus3900d ago

Well next week we will know who will win the sales battle since microsoft will be making a statement lol

Lifendz3900d ago

last week I saw elites in Bestbuy for the first time in weeks. Can't wait to see what the May numbers are because that's the month GTA IV will show which system benefited.

DRUDOG3900d ago

I won't believe any numbers until the NPD's come out. VGChartz are consistently wrong and usually by a lot.

RecSpec3900d ago

We now have countdowns to the NPD numbers?

mikeslemonade3900d ago

What is Microsoft's excuse this time?

crck3900d ago

If MS talks about shortages again you know PS3 outsold them. If they remain silent then the 360 outsold the PS3 for March.

dantesparda3900d ago

And not get flamed to death? But why do we accept NPD numbers as gospel? And why do we believe that they are so accurate? I mean they dont even get their data from everyone (like Walmart for example). Can someone please explain to me why their methodology is so much more reliable than anybody elses?

sonarus3900d ago

yea i too always wondered about that. My guess is they are the industry standard. They have more credibility than vgchartz, and they probably get their data from more retailers than VGchartz does

crck3900d ago

Its probably because the big 3 companies seem to accept NPD numbers as gospel. I dont think I've ever seen any of the 3 dispute the numbers so everyone just goes with it.

The Lazy One3900d ago

The better question is, What's your excuse going to be when you find out they were telling the truth?

mikeslemonade3900d ago

Regardless Microsoft has lost the strong hold on the North American market. Wii is about surpass the American install base and PS3 is consistently matching or surpassing 360 sales every week.

dantesparda3900d ago

Thanks guys, youse both have good points/reasons (crck & Sonarus)

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vloeistof3900d ago

-PS3 sales and Xbox 360 sales were nearly identical this month.

PS2 was the top selling Sony system

well i want to know it now:P

Trekster_Gamer3900d ago

360 sold more than the ps3 bottom line, gee how will the ps3 ever catch the mighty 360 at this rate??? short answer NEVER

TheExecutive3900d ago

lol we shall see when the NPD numbers come in.

kevin11223900d ago

you do realize this is us numbers and worldwide the ps3 outsells it and this is vgcharts lol.

yesah3900d ago

i honestly dont see why sales matter, it should only matter what your freinds buy, not some random guy in France who i will never meet.

But since you asked.....yes they were almost identical, with the 360's price cut.

ruibing3900d ago

It only outsold the PS3 by 0.3%. And if you look at the weekly comparisons, the PS3 outsells the 360 more every week leading up to the release of GTA IV. I'm pretty sure the PS3 is going to outsell the 360 for the month of April by at least 1%.

sonarus3900d ago

LOL get a life trekstar. 360 has been outselling ps3 all yr according to vgchartz but when npd comes out its a different story.

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skynidas3900d ago

They will be wrong AGAIN

FLOPbox 3603900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Xbox 360 came in last in sales again unless it beat the PSP. POOR FLOP BOX CANT EVEN SALE IN THE U.S.

<---------------Xbox 360 is a miserable failure. No one is buying the FLOPbox anywhere and it is basically dead considering the price it is... its head start... its games... and how crappy its selling in every country all over the world. TRUELY a collosal failure for Microsft's second try. I don't know if we will even see a third FLOPbox. If we do its not going to get a start on PS4. Either way its destined to come in 6th place. No one likes Microsoft products.

I bet the PS3 KILLZones the FLOPbox in April in Europe and the U.S. ....poor little 3fixme

IzKyD13313900d ago

last month vgchartz's numbers were off by 60,000 for PS3, 100,00 for 360, and 130,000 for the Wii, very accurate indeed

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

...................29-Mar..... ..5- Apr
xFlop 360....68,319.......56,539
PS3............71,487.......6 0, 074

GAME OVER xBot Lemmings!!! ;-D

LightningPS33900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

we find out every day how much deception is a part of reporting news.

When I first saw this, I was interested thinking maybe this was an official preview from NPD group. But then I saw it's just VG chartz adding up their month.