How the 2DS could have been Nintendo’s first true portable tablet

Ars Technica: "One small design change could have revolutionized the portable gaming market."

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boybato1854d ago

This is a bit nicer design concept ... at this point however Nintendo can do pretty much what they want with the 3ds. Have this bundled with pokemon, stick a silhouette of a rare pokemon at the back= million sold

joe901854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

It could be called the Nintendo SS (Single Screen) or Nintendo sal Schutz: Himmler Edition


mein nintendo nicht 2 Bildschirme mehr.

either way we know this will not be called Nintendo SS due to my reasons pointed out.

SilentNegotiator1854d ago

If you were going for a joke, you should have made it shorter.

If you were making a serious response, I'm curious as to who the heck you're responding to.

shivvy241854d ago

This will make a nice door stopper

Kydawg1854d ago

Damn you beat me to it an hour ago. Facepalm.

Ripsta7th1854d ago

Ive seen this joke on every article about the 2s, its old

kneon1854d ago

This is exactly what I said in another thread. A single screen would have given them the ability to play existing games as well as offering the potential for new capabilities that are either difficult or impossible to do with the current dual screen setup.

sincitysir11854d ago

now just remove the wedge!

grahf1854d ago

Funny thing is... it already IS one giant touch screen, they're using the borders and case to simulate the look of a 3DS, which makes sense from a certain point of view (despide XLs size, its the same resolution).

kneon1853d ago

I missed that. I just don't get how they could miss such an opportunity, this is really stupid.

strigoi8141854d ago

it just look stupid with the divider at the middle..

Agent_00_Revan1854d ago

this is a much better design choice. The official design makes no sense.

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