Interview: F1 2013 is "the start point for F1 classics"

VVV: "What follows is an insightful discussion with the developers, from how the classic content signifies the progression in technology of F1 through the wildly different handling characteristics, to the astronomical licensing difficulties Codemasters faced when the classic content was conceptualised a couple of years ago and subsequently held back until now.

If successful, Codemasters also seem intent on expanding classic content in future F1 titles, as Andy describes F1 2013 as "the starting point for F1 classics." Suddenly, those dreams of driving as Senna are looking more feasible as Codemasters continue to negotiate licenses. "

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Akuma2K1936d ago

It's sad that they're not making a PS4 version of F1 2013', unless they're gonna wait until august of next year for the 2014' version.