Hasta la Vista Vita

The recent announcement of the Nintendo 2DS means it's game over for the PlayStation Vita.

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iamnsuperman1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

One thing this article doesn't factor in is the possibility the remote play feature will have on sales of the Vita. It is risky but the potential pay off for Sony could be huge (if advertised correctly)

edit: I do personally think this will be the last handheld we see from Sony but only because I see them, in a few years, moving to a tablet or phones that could do the same/similar functions via Gaikai. This market is shrinking and these systems are being sold at a lower price (every time) to compensate the effect of the mobile market. The only logical move for Sony is to broaden the install base via Gaikai and tablets/phones

NewMonday1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

the 3/2DS is becoming the PS2 of the handheld market

but the Vita can still carve a niche like the N64 and original Xbox, in Japan Vita games regularly feature in the top charts because it has great attach rate.

UltimateMaster1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

With that ugly piece of sh*t?
Seriously, couldn't you have considered a price drop of the 3DS instead?
I highly recommend going with the 3DS over the 2DS.
I'm still have both handhelds, so I'm cool with what I've got.

With the PS Vita, you can use Remote Play to access your PS4 and PS3 at a distance over the Internet. And you can use it as a cross-controller and use the PS Vita's technology and implement it in a PS4/PS3 game, but that varies with the game developer whereas the Remote Play is available for all games.

AbortMission1911d ago

The 3DS isn't as cool as the PS2 though Lol.

God forbid playing that tiny thing in public..

Transporter471911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

to me the 2DS is really confusing and if its confusing to me what do you think of the mass market? Same cunfusion with the WiiU should of called it Wii2 would be less confusing to general public, now if there is a 3ds a 2ds seems backwards confusions repeat.

UltimateMaster1910d ago

Well, yeah, the 2DS is a step back from the 3DS because, not only you can't fold it and it's less portable than the 3DS or a tablet, but apparently also removes the 3D option for games.

You can turn the 3DS off on the 3DS, so I really don't see how the 2DS is a good thing at all.
The only good thing is the price point of 130$, but I can get a better tablet for that price.
That thing just looks like a huge brick, not portable at all.

Like I said, buy the 3DS instead of the 2DS.
The Vita's recent price drop to 200$ makes it a must buy as well.
Then you've got the best of both worlds.

Elimin81910d ago

@ Transporter47 ... Next up... The 1DS?
with one and a half screen same features?

4Sh0w1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

"One thing this article doesn't factor in is the possibility the remote play feature"

No iamnsuperman he did consider that, did you read it?

"The system has still yet to receive a killer app, and with how its being marketed recently, it seems we’ll never get one as the device will serve as a mini-PS4. Now, that’s a cool idea, but will people shell out a total of $600 for a new console and the ability to take their games with them (if they’re cross-save)? Absolutely not."

"They’re excited over the connectivity features that it will have with upcoming PS4 titles. They’re also excited about potential bundles and the recent $50 price drop. These are all great things, but they won’t sell the system."

I just think the truth is unless you sell a cheap handheld for kids without a cell phone and aren't willing to buy an expensive tablet the dedicated handheld is no longer attractive must have gadget it used to be, Nintendo just has a dedicated niche audience and kids who love those cute Nintendo games.

Narutone661910d ago

I thought the Game and Watch is the 1DS. 2DS looks kinda bulky and looks like the cheap handhelds that were made in China.

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Khajiit861911d ago

The main reason I want I ps vita is remote play. And if enough games are supporting it then I will purchase 1. DS is never on my radar.

sincitysir11911d ago

every game will have remote is not leaving it up to the devs. they realized devs didnt want to hassle with that so now sony is doing it themselves so 100% of ps4 games will have remote play

OrangePowerz1911d ago

All games should work with Remote Play except games that require the camera since this time it will be a OS feature and not a feature that needs to be implemented by devs.

dcj05241911d ago

Buy it for the games lol.

Khajiit861911d ago

In that case the vita just took the xboxones #2 spot in my wishlist

STANK081910d ago

The fact that Vita success hinges on remote play is a tell tell sign that the handheld is in bad shape. Also "remote play" will cannibalize Vita's future software sales.

Vita is in desperate need for unique tailored made games that you can't play on no other system.

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Muffins12231911d ago

Honestly if they did a Xperia Play type of phone the right way it would be amazing.

BullyMangler1910d ago

Hasta la Vita baby . . ahh ha haa haaa haaa . .

Ahhhh haa haa haaa haaaaaaaaaaa!!!

1910d ago
miyamoto1910d ago

O the contrary, I see the future of PlayStation consoles and handheld going mobile.

Sony will push the PS Vita and its successor as a portable PS4.

With the whole Indie games initiative I believe Sony is making a real portable PS4 to succeed the PS Vita.

Minecraft on PS Vita will be huge.

ForgivenZombie1910d ago

I'm looking forward to picking up a vita with my PS4, I like the connectivity, and it will be nice to play minecraft where ever you want.

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user74029311911d ago

the author needs to stop misquoting me, ill sue! its hasta la vista baby.

RytGear1911d ago

Yeah, and shouldn't it have been hasta la vita baby? That would have worked much better for the title!

user74029311911d ago

vita needs to get pumped up now danny

Aceman181911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

so let me get this straight just because nintendo is releasing a newer version at a cheaper price he believe the vita wont continue to sell?

gaming media are some of the most retarded people on this planet. anyone who knows this industry knows that no one is beating nintendo in the handheld space, but for another company to create a device that goes on to sell between 60-80 million that's damn impressive in my book.

the vita will continue to sell, and will probably end up with similar sales figures or fall a little short by 5-10 million again that's more than anyone thought with nintendo basically owning this particular market.

what else i find funny is he thinks zelda sells 10 million units with each release. pokemon didnt kill the PSP and it wont kill the vita. there is plenty of space for two different handheld systems.

AbortMission1911d ago

Zelda has never been that big of a franchise in the first place in terms of sales Lol. These fanboy "journalists" are out of touch with reality

sincitysir11911d ago

@abortmission yeah you're right. as big as zelda is to some people its not that great in terms of sales which this the author of the article only cares about.

ApolloTheBoss1911d ago

This article's title confuses and infuriates me!

Misaka_x_Touma1911d ago

I expect at least 50 comments in 20 min

legionsoup1911d ago

This isn't news. It's a fanyboy rant. I'd prefer an objective reporting of the 2DS rather than trying to put another system down.

SynGamer1911d ago

Agreed. As someone who owns both a PS Vita and a 3DS, this new 2DS is just...laughable. The form/shape is not practical at all, and the lack of 3D pretty much means Nintendo is admitting it isn't a worthwhile feature. While the $129.99 pricetag is nice, the Vita offers so much more at $199 without skipping on features.

And as others said, PS4 remote play + PS Plus are two very strong reasons to consider the PS Vita.

But yeah, the shape of the 2DS is just wrong. Seriously Nintendo, I thought you could do better than that. Honestly, how am i supposed to carry that around without a bag or satchel of some sort?

sincitysir11911d ago

i feel like the 3ds only came about because nintendo feels like the vita is a threat. although i know the vita is a niche product atm i feel nintendo made a bad move. i know they made a different looking 2ds because they didnt want people confusing it with a 3ds but with so many handheld products out there, the general pop will get confused...until they see the price that is.

Megaplaynate1911d ago


You're right, the 2DS is not very portable, makes you wonder why couldn't they add another stick if they were already making it ugly. Guess their next handheld will be some sort of tablet.

My 11 year old cousin wants one now, but the sound is mono unless you use a headphone and I can't use one for a very long time, I'd rather just buy an XL and maybe a vita if it comes with the PS4.