Ripten: Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review

Ripten writes: "This is exactly the sort of game the anti-videogame crowd does not want you to play. Condemned 2: Bloodshot features some of the most bloody, visceral, and sickening gameplay yet to be seen in a videogame, period.

As alcoholic protagonist Ethan Thomas, you have a wealth of violent options at your disposal for taking down your mutated, psychopathic foes. Ranging from crushing heads in an industrial press to using your bare hands to forcibly snap necks clean in half, the developers at Monolith certainly aren't shy about giving the player their fix of extreme violence.

Alone in a dirty, rundown watering-hole Ethan Thomas spends his time drinking away the pain bestowed on him from his experiences in the first game, Condemned: Criminal Origins. After a guy with a serious need for facial reconstruction knocks into our hero at the bar, Ethan takes it upon himself to beat the living crap out of him, which earns him a trip to the cold, icy gutter outside."

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arakouftaian3900d ago

how can this get 8.7 and darksector has not even one review at that hi score stupid reviews