Rumor: You will be able to catch 650 Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y

"This new rumor origins from a tweet distributed on various forums suggests that we’ll be able to catch 650 Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y which is a number never before seen in a previous game."

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Kalebninja1906d ago

ummm there will be alot more than just 81 new pokemon that would be stupid if there isnt around 120 new ones

Misaka_x_Touma1906d ago

Johto wasn't around that number it was only 101.
Kanto having 151
Unova having 156

So Kalos wouldn't have as much.

GenericNameHere1906d ago

I've said this before. There's a pattern. The odds get the most Pokémons, while the evens get a lot less.
Kanto 151 (151)
Johto 251 (100) -51
Hoenn 386 (135) +35
Sinnoh 493 (107) -28
Unova 649 (156) +21

Based on that pattern, there would be around 114-120 new Pokémons in Kalos, not including forms (not that they would necessarily follow that pattern, as they broke the 2 games and 1 final version later tradition they had with Black2/White2; and they even introduced and released 2 main Pokémon games on one generation; and didn't have a remake for Hoenn on the Vth gen)

mania5681906d ago

they have a tendency to go for 100 or 150 (around those numbers)per each new generation, i believe this game has a broad amount of pokemon from each generation so people wont notice as much if they just give us 100 pokemons this time though people always think more is better.

Johto had only around 100 yet it was a huge success since they blundled most pokemons from the previous version with their johto experiences and personally i loved it, been playing since pokemon blue and red, wasnt that interested on black/white 2 remakes but i will come back to play this one for sure.

vakarian751906d ago

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 only had 301 pokemon each so 650 in X and Y is a really good amount.

3-4-51905d ago

Yea I just bought White 2, my pokedex is empty so X having 650 is awesome.

arronax-11903d ago

Yeah and when Pokemon Z comes around we'll be able to catch OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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akaFullMetal1906d ago

There are way too many pokemon now, screw it, Pokemon yellow for life, hahahha

tanookisuit1906d ago

Ahhhh yes, Pokemon Yellow! *high five*

BlaqMagiq241905d ago

Gen one and gen two for life.

Ripsta7th1906d ago

Dam thats alot... 50 hrs to beat the game lol not incuding sideqeusts and after

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