Is There a Critical Period for Game Skill Acquisition?

GameCritics writes:

"I can't count the number of times I've heard people talk about getting bested at a videogame by a kid. These stories typically involve people in their thirties (or much older) playing games with their sons/daughters (or nieces/nephews or younger sisters/brothers or younger cousins or friends' sons/daughters, etc.) and getting totally dominated, which then leads them to write on their blogs or talk to their friends about how they can't believe how good this kid is at playing videogames. We've all heard some version of this, or perhaps experienced it firsthand.

This makes me wonder if gaming skill operates similarly to language acquisition. Maybe my brother's early-life exposure to previous Smash Bros. games gives him a built-in advantage that my practice will never overcome. It could be that after age 12 our brains can't instinctively master certain gameplay styles that we weren't previously exposed to, hence my suckiness at newer fighting games. I'm not saying older people can't master new gameplay styles, but rather that there might be a developmental cutoff after which achieving such mastery becomes much harder."

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neogeo3900d ago

I play Mario like a freak of nature. People go into shock when they see me blow through a level. Been playing from the age of 3

No FanS Land3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

I totally agree! I have a friend who seem did not play enough video games when he was young. result: any game he plays, he finds a way to make it hard!

Edit: I think i should lend him my copy of Devil may cry3!

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-3899d ago

I've always felt a slower after hitting age 12 (or around that age). I use to play SNES games like a coke addict (in terms of sharpness & learning). Now... well, I'd rather not comment....

OJ_juice3899d ago

It's probably because teens got like wierd crazy hormones that gives them steroids to everything they do. Such as sports or video games. Adults have more of relaxed/stress brain that can't compete with a teen's brain. Younger kids, is stupider than a teen(maybe?), so naturally they'll be worse off.

God, is it good to be a teen.

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